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Do you need a mortgage modified? Need to stop foreclosure? Has your lender been giving you the run around?

See if any of these scenarios sound familiar:

  • The lender puts you on a 3 month “trial” plan as a pre-requisite to a permanent mod. You pay, but they won’t modify.
  • The lender offers to “help” by giving you a BIGGER payment than the one you already have!
  • The lender tells you it’s okay not to make payment while they review your loan mod application, but then moves full speed ahead towards foreclosure.

If you’re too freaked out or busy making a living to waste time trying to get a straight answer out of your lender, it can be very comforting to have an experienced law firm represent you.

If you’re in the market for a loan mod lawyer, we encourage you to check out the Law Offices of Victor Hobbs. While we can’t guarantee your satisfaction or success, this is a firm we’ve known for years. There are law firms that negotiate, but aren’t prepared to litigate (sue). Then there’s firms like Hobbs. If the lender isn’t playing fair, the attorneys at Hobbs are ready to play hard ball. We have personally seen them get a property back AFTER foreclosure. That’s amazing! Best of all, they aren’t afraid to take on loans on non-owner occupied properties!

If you’re property’s worth fighting for, give Hobbs a call. Tell them you were referred by The Real Estate Guys™ and you’ll get a complimentary 30 minute consultation with an experienced attorney. They’re based in California, but can also handle properties in Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Nevada, Arizona and Virgina. We’re told they’re adding more states, so if you or your property are somewhere else, it probably still makes sense to ask.

To talk to someone right away, use our Resource Hotline 1-888-510-6838 x208 or fill the confidential Help Request form below.

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