The Belize Cacao Consortium Group


Investment Tour



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Come spend a few fun-filled and educational days in the tropics getting to know the team at the Belize Cacao Consortium!

Find out what it takes to produce fine flavor/organic cacao …  And convert it to CASH FLOW!

Learn about the whole chocolate process from “seed to bean to bar” and see if this profiting from this $98 billion industry is for YOU!  Discover how you can own a parcel in a cacao plantation.

This is your chance to do your own “kickin’ the dirt” due diligence.



As well as being a great opportunity for you to check out a unique investment opportunity, you can also combine your trip to take advantage of all the wonderful activities Belize has to offer.


It’s not by accident that this island was voted the #1 island tourist destination in the world 2 years running!


  • Explore the beautiful tropical island of Belize

  • Meet the Belize Cacao Consortium team

  • Enjoy the delights of the world’s favorite treat … CHOCOLATE!

  • Educate yourself about the agricultural market, farmland and the cacao industry

  • And see if owning a parcel in your very own fine flavor/organic cacao farm is right for YOU!



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