Make a meaningful difference in your portfolio AND in the lives of people … see what impact investing in Guatemala can offer you.

The experts at the Rainforest Alliance and Precious Timber are excited to welcome dedicated impact investors to the agricultural heart of Peten, Guatemala.

These experts have been working for DECADES to promote sustainable farming and sustainable livelihoods … all of which boost crop yields and provide investors and everyday people on the ground with big returns.

On this THREE-DAY tour, discover:

  • How organizations like Rainforest Alliance work with investors and farmers
  • Why global food security and sustainable agriculture are essential to worldwide prosperity
  • What forests and farms that support thousands of local families and generate international exports look like
  • Which crops generate safe, long-term income year after year

And much more!

With guides like conservation superhero José Román Carrera, enjoy amazing culture, delicious food, and exotic views.

This tour is focused on bringing together like-minded friends who seek to make a difference socially, environmentally, and personally … a vacation, networking event, and boots-on-the-ground market tour all in one!

Join impact investors on the Guatemala Discovery Tour