The Future of Money and Wealth is Coming FAST...
Are YOU Ready?

Clues about the future of money and wealth are hidden in the headlines …


If you watch the financial news and worry there’s something dangerous lurking, but aren’t sure what …

… if you suspect another crash could be coming, but you’re not sure how to prepare …

… if you’ve worked hard to build up a nest egg and can’t afford a major setback

… this message is for YOU.

Because once you have a better understanding of the REAL dynamics driving financial markets and geo-politics ….

… things you hear about every day but may not realize directly affect YOU, YOUR money and YOUR future

… you’ll be able to filter out the sales hype and propaganda … and make wiser investment decisions.

What YOU DON’T KNOW you don’t know can cost you BIG … in terms of financial loss or missed opportunity.

Sound dramatic?  Maybe.  But consider this …

Wealth Wiped Out Without Warning

In 1929, 1987, 2000 and 2008 … millions of people were financially DEVASTATED by market disruptions they didn’t even see coming.

Meanwhile, in those very same markets … informed and prepared investors not only survived … they THRIVED.

What’s the difference?

Be Careful Who You Listen To

Successful investors didn’t buy the hype from Wall Street, financial media, and politicians who downplay dangers … just so they can earn fees, placate advertisers, and win votes.

Remember this classic assurance from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on May 17, 2007 …

“Importantly, we see no serious broader spillover to banks or thrift institutions from the problems in the subprime market.”

Oops.  Of course, we all know what happened just a few months later.

But successful investors back then understood history …

They took a look behind the curtain to see what’s really happening underneath the headlines

… so they could be proactive to get in position to prosper while there’s still time.

With record levels of consumer, corporate, and government debt …

… rising interest rates are already triggering loan defaults … to levels not seen since the 2008 crisis.

Stocks indexes are bouncing off bubble highs … and market volatility suggests traders are ready to run for the exits … crashing prices … at the first sign of recession.

And that’s just some of the more obvious challenges facing Main Street investors.


But there’s GOOD news …

Just like those successful investors who prospered through past market disruptions, YOU can too.

It starts with finding new ideas, strategies, and the right experts to help you see what’s coming sooner

… so you can be proactive preparing your business and portfolio to both survive and THRIVE through the next crisis.

That’s why we gathered together many top experts for a powerful two-day mastermind conference to discuss the Future of Money and Wealth … YOUR future.


Eavesdrop on the Experts …

Imagine being a fly on the wall while some of the biggest brains in economics and investing share expert insights and discuss the most pressing issues facing investors today.

Speakers include Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki and outspoken financial pundit and money manager Peter Schiff.

Both these guys are famous for loudly warning the world that the 2008 crash was coming … in spite of being mocked by mainstream financial media.

But while Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke was DEAD WRONG … Robert Kiyosaki and Peter Schiff were RIGHT.

Fannie Mae (yes, THAT Fannie Mae … the one making most mortgages in the U.S.) chief economist Doug Duncan also spoke at Future of Money and Wealth.

Duncan told the crowd he thinks a recession is coming …

… and after reminding everyone that most of his predictions from last year turned out to be eerily accurate …

… he revealed WHEN he thinks the NEXT recession will strike.

That’s just one of TWENTY powerful expert presentations and panels recorded at the Future of Money and Wealth conference.

Important topics include …

  • The truth about the new tax law … and how to use the tax law to build more wealth faster
  • Where real estate is likely headed … and which niches are best positioned for profit
  • Why oil and gas are likely headed higher … and the important impact on the economy and opportunity for investors
  • The fascinating rise of block-chain technology … and how crypto-currencies are changing the future of money and wealth

… PLUS a shocking revelation about the RAGING currency war between the U.S. and the tag team of Russia and China.


Far Away But TOO Close to Home …

You’ll discover there’s a WHOLE LOT MORE to the sparring between Uncle Sam and Russia and China than the mainstream media lets on.

And while it may seem like it’s far away from YOUR income and investments … it’s NOT.

If you earn, save, or measure your wealth in dollars …

… you REALLY need to understand the Future of Money and Wealth.


Empowering Education for Effective Action

Nearly 400 people in the live audience were blown away.

Surveys afterwards describe the experience as “life-changing”, “eye-opening”, and “invaluable”.

People left feeling educated, informed and empowered to take proactive steps to get in position to prosper in the face of unprecedented financial times.

But don’t take our word for it … watch for yourself …


Here’s the GREAT NEWS …

We videotaped the ENTIRE event … all TWENTY presentations and panels …

… nearly fourteen compelling hours of essential education

… and we’ve organized them all into one powerful online video series.

Now YOU can hear directly about the Future of Money and Wealth from Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, Doug Duncan, Chris Martenson, Tom Wheelwright, Brien Lundin, Simon Black, G. Edward Griffin … and MANY other top experts … from the comfort of your own home or office.

You may not know who all these people are right now … but you’ll be glad to hear from them.

Their wisdom is impacting the lives of many millions of people all around the world … and it can help you too.

A Ridiculous Value

This program cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce.

It’s EASILY worth thousands of dollars … because just ONE great idea can make or save you tens of thousands of dollars … or MUCH MORE!

Now YOU can access all this life-changing information for the low introductory price of only $497 (regularly $1997) when you order now.  This low rate won’t last long!



We’re Making It EASY For You

We could charge a LOT more for this program … and it would be totally worth it.

And of course, we need to charge SOMETHING to cover costs … AND more importantly, so you have enough skin in the game that you’ll actually watch it all.

But as you’ll see … it’s important to get this vital information out to as many people as possible.  So we’re making it a no-brainer …

HUGE value … great price … powerful, life-changing information.

But ONLY if you watch it!

Remember …

What you don’t know you don’t know could cost you a fortune … just ask all the people blind-sided by the last financial crisis.

“An investment in education pays the best dividend.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Good advice.  No wonder he’s on the $100 bill.


Now it’s decision time …

You’ve read this far for a reason.

You’re concerned about the future … YOUR future … but while it’s easy to be interested,  it takes an investment of time, money and effort to actually get educated and busy implementing.

But if you think that’s a burden …

Consider the price of NOT being informed and prepared.

And even if “this time it’s different” (famous last words) …

.. and there’s never going to be another financial crisis … sunshine and unicorns for as far as the eye can see …

Which is worse … to be prepared and not have a crisis … or to have a crisis and not be prepared?

Remember, the course you don’t watch can’t help.

Whatever you have, you’ve worked hard for.  And the flip side of a crisis is opportunity.

So for the informed and prepared … the future is bright.  But for those who aren’t … not so much.

With the stakes this high, it’s time to …


To your prepared and prosperous future,

Robert Helms and Russell Gray
The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show
Producers of The Future of Money and Wealth

P.S.  Think about how much financial education you got in school.  Most people get NONE … and so they’re easily herded into a system designed to feed the banks, government, and Wall Street.

Worse, without context … it’s nearly impossible to recognize major problems forming … while bankers, politicians and financial media claim all is well.

The Future of Money and Wealth will shock and enlighten you … and help you prepare yourself and your portfolio to PROSPER through what many experts believe is an inevitable economic re-set.


 You’re a click away from changing your future …


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