Advancing The Investor Mentoring Club Initiative

Where Main Street Investors Build Resilient Communities for Prosperity and Freedom

The Investor Mentoring Club is well on its way to empowering Main Street investors across the nation to build local resilient communities for prosperity and freedom through real asset investing!

We have been pioneering the pilot club in Phoenix … Front and backend tech setup is in progress … And we have a list of eager investors in locations across the country waiting for us to launch clubs in their areas!

With your participation, we’ll be in a position to go live nationwide VERY soon!

We foresee unlimited opportunity for syndicators — and especially Syndication Mentoring Club members — emerging from IMC.

But as they say, “You only get one chance to make a first impression” … So we won’t launch the initiative until we have proper funding to do it right. Your $5000 investment will help ensure the IMC gets off the ground as soon as possible …. With a rock-solid foundation that puts the club in the best possible position for long term success.

If we don’t receive the minimum level of participation necessary to fund the initiative, we’ll hold off on moving forward until we’re in a position to do so.

Simply fill out the form below to invest in the future of IMC …

Agree that if for any reason we do NOT launch IMC, your funds will be applied toward your SMC membership dues. *
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