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Real-world Training

Custom designed next level training from those who've raised 10, 20, and even $100 Million dollars!

Scale your business

Specific and practical steps to build your team and grow your business. Tap into the proven path to success!

power of the pack

It's a community of Syndicators on a mission to move money out of Wall Street and into Main Street.

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We're international! Wherever you are ... you can learn, connect, and collaborate with us!

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*Membership must be active and in good standing at the time of the event to receive access



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Per year - SAVE 16%

each member receives ...

*Membership must be active and in good standing at the time of the event to receive access

Frequently asked questions

Great question!

Alumnus of our Secrets of Successful Syndication seminar are invited to join the Syndication Mentoring Club and apply for the Inner Circle Program.

Great question!

We strongly believe in the power of showing up at LIVE events because of the unscripted, unplanned, and exciting things that can happen.  

And we also understand life happens and you can’t always be there live.  So, we do our best to video and/or audio record the live events, meet-ups and phone calls and add them to the SMC Platform so that you can consume at your convenience. 

Great question!

The Syndication Mentoring Club is a 1-year minimum commitment.  Once your 1-year is up, you may decide to continue for another year or cancel.

The Inner Circle Program is a 2-year minimum commitment.  Once your 2-years are up, you may decide to continue year-to-year or cancel.

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Our Members say

"I feel empowered. The SMC has given me the confidence to build my syndication business as big as I can dream to do it. The biggest benefit for me is that I know if I get stuck I have a community of advisors and people to answer my questions."
Silvana Shull
Business Owner and Syndicator, SMC Member
"I'm a HUGE fan of the Syndication Mentoring Club. It's a network of folks of the highest integrity. I'm benefiting through inspiration and information."
Roderick CApelo
Surgeon and Syndicator, SMC Member
"The SMC has given me a great environment and platform to learn and feel comfortable asking my questions. I'm inspired to think bigger and grow my syndication business."
Kyla Meuer
Product Manager and Syndicator, SMC Member
"The biggest thing is I've taken away from SMC is that I've been able to take my existing syndication business to a professional level where I can compete with people at institutional levels."
Pancham Gupta
Full Time Syndicator, Inner Circle Member
"I am excited and invigorated to be in the Syndication Mentoring Club. My mindset has changed as to how I want to show up in the world. I want to help others have options in their financial lives."
Felecia Froe
Medical Doctor and Syndicator, Inner Circle Member
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