This hidden gem is becoming the next big tourist destination…that means CASH FLOW and endless INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES.


Nestled in the heart of Central America is an untapped paradise of pristine beaches, turquoise lakes and rivers, breathtaking volcanoes, and tropical rainforests.  For the past 40 years, tourists have flocked to Costa Rica for a taste of adventure, but we suggest investors look to its northern neighbor … NICARAGUA!

Nicaragua has long been an escape for international retirees.  With cost of living averaging an eighth of the price back home, expats have retired in luxury and comfort, from beachfront condos to lakeside homes in towns like Matagalpa.  Now, an increasing number of young families are taking advantage of a higher quality of life too … AND THEN THERE’S THE TOURISTS.

With attractions like volcano surfing, zip-lining, rock climbing, hiking, and of course relaxing at the beautiful beaches, tourists are quickly discovering Nicaragua is the place for adventure and relaxation.  Add in centuries-old colonial architecture and the world-class hospitality of the Nicaraguan people, and it is no surprise that major tourism companies are taking note.  Beach town San Juan del Sur is home to a new cruise port filled with tourist attractions for the 2,000 passengers that arrive regularly on the Coral Princess.  You can be sure more cruise lines will follow.

As the second fastest growing nation in Central America, Nicaragua is extremely safe, with one of the lowest crime rates in the region.  It even outperforms the United States in many areas.

The country’s average growth rate of 5.08% outpaces Latin America’s average of 1.2%, due in large part to generous legal and tax incentives for investors.

The private sector is BOOMING in all areas, but especially in real estate, agribusiness, renewable energy, manufacturing, and exports.  International partnerships give Nicaragua-based businesses access to a market of 1.5 billion people.  Nicaragua boasts of the ideal climate and most fertile soil for FARMLAND.

Nicaragua is YOUNG and DYNAMIC…76 percent of the population is under 39 years old, making up a labor force of 3.2 million people.  With an infrastructure that is still growing and developing, it offers a genuine chance for investors to be modern pioneers, shaping the country as it becomes one of the world’s premiere tourist destinations.

Whatever your investment of choice, unparalleled opportunity and GREAT CASH FLOW are on the horizon.  Discover Nicaragua for yourself!

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