Shared Cabin Accommodation

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The 17th Annual Investor Summit at Sea™



Share a Little and Save a Lot with our Shared Cabin Options

(all shared cabin options are subject to availability of roommates and/or suitable staterooms)


If you’re looking to save some money on your Summit registration…


The easiest thing to do is recruit a roommate.  Then you BOTH get the lower Double Occupancy rate.


And if you’re really ambitious (and friendly), you can recruit two or three other people and share a stateroom*.


When you do the “Three’s Company” plan, the first TWO people get the Double Occupancy rate and the 3rd and 4th people get the lower 3rd/4th rate (we know, it’s a catchy name).


Of course, you may decide to take the total of everyone’s registration and divide it equally among yourselves.  That’s up to you and your friends.


* Subject to availability of three and four person staterooms, which are in limited supply.  Register EARLY  for best selection.


But for registration purposes, here’s the way you register a group of 3 or 4…


  • Person 1 (that’s YOU) registers at the Double Occupancy rate for whatever cabin level you’re ALL signing up for.


  • Person 2 registers at the Double Occupancy rate for the SAME cabin level as you.


  • Person 3 registers at the 3rd/4th rate for the SAME cabin level as Persons 1 & 2.


  • Person 4 (if you have one) registers at the 3rd/4th rate for the SAME cabin level as everyone else.


  • ALL of you designate each other as your roommates on your individual registration forms, so our travel agent knows to place you all in the same cabin.


See?  That’s not so complicated.


Another Option if You Need Our Help Finding a Roomie…


Shared Cabin AccommodationSubject to availability


Do you really want to go at the Double Occupancy rate, but can’t find yourself a roommate?  We’ll do our best to accommodate you.


Just sign up by yourself and add $397 to the Double Occupancy rate, then we’ll try to find you a same sex cabin-mate. 


If we succeed, we’ll charge you the double occupancy rate plus the $397 accommodation fee.   And if we can’t place you, we’ll contact you and you can withdraw your reservation or pay the single-occupancy rate and enjoy a nice, cozy cabin all to yourself.


So here’s the fine print on Shared Cabin Accommodation …


You can pick an Inside or Balcony cabin.  Shared Cabin Accommodation is not available on suites.


Then you register yourself at the Double Occupancy rate for whatever cabin level you select and add $397.  Put “Shared Accommodation” as your roommate on the order form.


We’ll do our very best to find you a same-gender roommate at the SAME cabin level… BUT (and it’s a big one you should pay attention to)…


If we only have someone in a lower grade cabin (for example you choose Balcony, but we only have a roommate for you in an Inside), then we’ll put you with them and refund you the difference between the Double Occupancy cost of the cabin you chose and the lower level cabin we put you in.  So if you’re picky about your cabin, Shared Accommodation might not be right for you.


If we only have someone in a higher grade cabin, we’ll offer you the opportunity to buy up to the higher level (pay the difference between the level you selected and the level we place you in), or offer the person in the higher level to downgrade and receive a refund for the difference.


If we can’t find you a roommate, then we’ll contact you and you can decide to withdraw your registration  … or pay the single-occupancy rate.


Of course, if we do find you a roomie, then you get to become BFF’s with another wild-eyed investment zealot.  We can’t guarantee you’ll get along, but it’s doubtful you’ll spend much time in the cabin anyway.  And with the money you save you can buy yourself a few drinks to calm your nerves, or enjoy a nice relaxing spa treatment.


Make sense?  Now you know why we charge an extra $397 to make all this happen.


If you need help, click here to schedule a consultation with a Summit registration specialist or call us at 1-888-489-7723 x 1

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