Commercial Loan Search Engine

If you’re looking for a loan for your commercial property, project or business, click here now to search from a database of over 750 commercial and private lenders.

Google is great for finding stuff online, except for two little annoying things:

  • You get back a bazillion web pages to sift through, most of which aren’t relevant to what you want.
  • Some of the results that look good are really doo-doo (that’s a technical term meaning useless and sometimes malicious).

And when searching for something as important as a lender your business or commercial property (including apartment buildings, storage center, retail center, office condo, etc.), it’s nice to feel like there’s at least a little bit of quality control behind the search results.

So when we met George Blackburne at a convention and interviewed him about the state of the commercial lending business, we got excited as he explained a very cool service he set up way back in 1997.  George has been in the commercial lending business for three decades and is a licensed attorney in two states.  We don’t know about you, but those credential’s make us feel just a tad more comfortable about the quality of anything he’s involved in.

C-Loans is a searchable database of over 750 commercial lenders. For years, mortgage brokers and borrowers alike have been using it to find solutions for their commercial financing needs.  Now you can too!

To search C-Loans database of over 750 lenders for solutions to your commercial lending needs, click here now.

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