AgroNosotros – David Sewell


For a specialty agricultural investments, turn to AgroNosotros. This global, sustainable agricultural company specializes in both COFFEE and CACAO beans … for an investment that tastes as good as it looks on paper.


AgroNosotros is the parent company to International Coffee Farms and Peini Cacao Plantations.

Investor, David Sewell, founded all his farms on sustainability …

  1. A sustainable investment for you … passive cash flow from professionally managed plots on farms in Panama and Belize.
  2. A sustainable investment for the environment … by following best agricultural practices and hiring expert agricultural teams.
  3. A sustainable investment for the community … by creating local jobs and infrastructure and by supporting local farmers.

Whether you prefer a latte or a truffle (we’re partial to both!), AgroNosotros offers you the benefits of direct trade. They engineer and supervise the growing process … from seed to finished product.

Cacao trees are grown in Belize, and coffee trees in Panama. The trees are carefully selected and cultivated, then planted in fertile soil.

Harvested beans are sent to in-house, state-of-the-art processing facilities. They are then packaged and distributed through two other AgroNosotros brands … Belize Cacao Traders and Mahogany Chocolate.

Watch this video for a sneak peek at the process, from start to finish, and see the faces that represent AgroNosotros. Warning … clicking play may make your mouth water.



AgroNosotros aims to serve a GLOBAL customer. Get offshore with your own plot of land in Panama or Belize … and enjoy steady passive cash flow with professional management, from bean to bar.

Grow it globally with AgroNosotros!

To get more information about the farms, simply fill out the form below and the AgroNosotros team will be in touch.