Bonneville Multifamily Capital – Paul Winterowd

More secure leverage with a better buy-and-hold
multifamily loan than any other on the market!

Say what?!? Security AND Leverage… That sounds like an oxymoron. A better loan than any other? That’s a bold claim. 
Here’s how Paul backs up this bold claim …
  • Favorable Interest Rates.
  • Higher Leverage.
  • No Balloon Payment.
  • No Recourse.
  • Longer Amortization.
This means LESS RISK and BETTER CASH FLOW. That’s better. Period. Less than 100 lenders nationwide are authorized to offer this government-insured loan.
But, this is no small, niche-only lender. Bonneville is a founding member and regional owner of Q10 Capital, LLC—one of the top five largest intermediaries in the placement of commercial real estate capital. 
 They are one of the largest USDA 538 lenders in the country, closing over 100 loans in the past four years, with an average loan of $1.5 million. Bonneville Multifamily Capital is a HUD MAP-approved lender with dedicated origination and in-house underwriting and servicing.  
They are the #1 FHA Multifamily lender in Utah with exceeds of $3 billion in their servicing portfolio. If you own a multifamily property, Paul’s team is your go-to resource to set your property up for success for the long haul. Don’t leave your hard-earned capital at risk to market value fluctuations and untimely balloon payments.

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