Classic Property Management – Jay Hartley


If you’re looking for a property management company in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, you’ll want to talk to our good friend Jay Hartley at Classic!


We’ve spent a bunch of time with Jay and there’s a lot to like about Classic.  They aren’t some rinky dink little outfit working out of a storage shed.  They have 45 people and own their own building.  We know.  We’ve been in it several times visiting with Jay and his team.  He’s a regular on our Dallas field trips and always provides great information.

Also, they’re SERIOUS about property management.  While a lot of people in the PM business do it a sideline.  For Jay, it’s the MAIN thing. That’s important.

Jay’s a past President of a local chapter of National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), which is the top trade association for (can you guess?) residential property managers.  The point is that anyone who is active in a professional trade association is probably above average.  But when someone is elected by their peers to be the leader, that really says a lot about their ethics, professionalism and experience.  Those are all great qualities for someone responsible for managing one of your very valuable assets.

Okay, we’re done gushing now.

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