Clear Capital Group – Joe Nielsen


Ready to get serious about your real estate portfolio? Get the funds you need to GROW your REAL ESTATE investing BUSINESS!


Joe’s a long-time listener of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show … So we really like him!

Chances are high, you and Joe have a lot in common.  You are serious about real estate investing … You love to educate yourself and grow your portfolio.

Have you ever thought … “If I just had more resources, I could capitalize on all the amazing opportunities I see … I could acquire that property, or add value to this property, or hire this help, or start that business to serve my tenants or fellow investors”.

We’ve thought the same thing.  The ideas are endless … If only the capital could be endless too.

These exact reasons are why Joe Nielsen started Clear Capital Group.

Joe specializes in not just real estate backed financing, but unsecured business lines of credit and many other creative solutions.  He connects small to mid-size businesses (including Real Estate Investment Businesses) to capital resources that, quite frankly, you would never have access to through local banks and credit unions.

Joe enjoys strategizing with real estate investors in all stages of their investing career. He is eager to answer questions and go over scenarios with serious investors and those simply exploring options.

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