Four Peaks Partners – Andrew Lanoie


Let Andrew and his team introduce you to an often-overlooked real estate investing niche … mobile home communities!

Andrew Lanoie knows investing. In 2009, he began investing in alternative assets and acquired over 100 income-producing assets in less than 48 months!  

Of all the recession-resistant property types, Andrew believes mobile home communities provide the greatest opportunity for growth and cash flow 

And he should know.  At Four Peaks Partners, Andrew specializes in helping qualified investors increase their income through the private investment market. That means taking a step away from Wall Street to invest in Main Street. Andrew believes in the power of investments backed by tangible, real assets.  

So why mobile homes?  Andrew sees mobile home communities as “diamonds in the rough.”  

They offer the very best attributes of general alternative investments AND the very best attributes of real estate investing. Not to mention they have the HIGHEST cap rates among all classes of commercial real estate.  With the right management plan, mobile homes allow investors to minimize costs and maximize profit. 

Get ready to jump into a more “mobile” real estate investment …  

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