Great Lakes Capital Solutions

Great Lakes Capital Solutions is bringing investors affordable
turnkey rental properties with above-average cash flow from day one!

Great Lakes Capital Solutions has carved out a niche in the greater Cleveland Metro Area and is fully rehabbing, tenanting, and managing their clients’ investments for success.
Everything they do is in-house … nothing is outsourced!  All construction including licensed activities, maintenance, and property management is all under their control.
Plus, each property undergoes an annual standardized maintenance and inspection program which focuses on both the structural and mechanical aspects of the property.
This program prevents major issues and proactively keeps the property in top rental shape.
Having everything in-house allows for top-notch work and proper maintenance for the longevity of the property, as well as, lower maintenance costs and better cash flow.  
Like us, they believe it’s crucial to choose markets with solid fundamentals, and a strong “boots on the ground” team to ensure your investments generate the results you’re looking for.
They work hard to match investors with the right properties.  Great Lakes Capital Solutions Team seeks to understand each investors goals and priorities (not a one-size fits all operation) and then facilitate the purchase process including funding options, and managing each property for success.

Contact Great Lakes Capital Solutions today and discover how YOU can have instant cash flow from this diamond in the rust belt! Simply fill out the confidential form below!


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