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Own a real asset in a vibrant market… with potential appreciation, tax benefits, inflationary protection and CASH FLOW.



Let’s face it… an ever-expanding real estate portfolio takes a lot of time, knowledge, industry connections and purchasing power.
One of the best markets to acquire TURN-KEY RENTAL PROPERTIES is in the greater Orlando area.

Greg Bond’s team at Greater Orlando Home Buyers have purchased, repaired, and rented over 150 units during the past ten years… in rising markets and during the housing recession. They know how to pick a market, neighborhood and property that has sustainable demand!

They have identified a handful of cities that offer the most consistent rental demand and best cash flow. They have discovered a targeted type of community that offers properties that outperform surrounding areas… Wow! Sure glad we know them :). 

All their properties are renewed when purchased and utilize high quality, consistent standards that keep maintenance and replacement costs to a minimum… and ensure your property will be more attractive to tenants and/or owners for years to come.

Plus, Greg’s team helps your property perform at maximum profitability with in-house property management!

What’s Driving Florida Growth? Jobs. Sunshine. No State Income Tax. Affordable Housing….

Add to this, the fact that buying habits are changing… and you find yourself sitting in front of a big opportunity to profit.

Many people in Florida (especially the millennial generation) and those recently relocating (perhaps some boomers?) no longer wish to buy a home. They much prefer to rent and avoid the long-term commitment that home ownership requires. This is increasing the demand for single family home rentals.

Contact Greater Orlando Home Buyers.  Find out what cities have the highest demand and best cash flow…