International Coffee Farms – David Sewell


Wake up and smell the cash flow!


International Coffee Farms offers investors the opportunity to invest in offshore coffee producing farmland in Latin America

This has GOT to be one of the greatest ideas EVER.

Think about it.  People drink coffee all over the world.  Which means people BUY coffee all over the world.  And whether they pay $5 a cup or 50 cents, it all starts with the coffee bean.

Now while you can’t get money to grow on trees, you can grow coffee beans on trees.  Then you can sell those beans anywhere in the world people want and can afford them.

So unlike your duplex in Cleveland, which may only have a handful of people interested in renting it depending on the local economy, your coffee beans can be sold ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.  The ENTIRE WORLD is your market.

That’s an awesome way to mitigate risk.

Of course, we’re not suggesting YOU grow coffee beans.  No more than we’d suggest you show up at your tenants’ workplace and do their job.

But what you may want to consider is owning the LAND that the coffee beans grow on.  The tenants are your trees (in a manner of speaking) and the coffee farmers are your property managers.  So the coffee farmers deal with the trees.  Make sense?

Not to complicate things (actually, we think it makes it cooler), but if you’re going to own coffee farmland, wouldn’t you want to own it someplace famous for great coffee?  Like Latin America?

Think about THAT!

NOW, you have real assets (land) located offshore (unless you happen to live in Latin America) AND you are creating income offshore too.  Lots of possibilities there!  Just ask Google, GE or Apple.

We know.  It’s a lot to get your mind around.  And we don’t want to steal any more thunder from our friend David Sewell, who’d be happy to talk your through it all.

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