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Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not getting the whole story?

When it comes to retirement investing, John Q. Public has been getting the treated like the proverbial mushroom.  You know, the one they keep in the dark and feed a lot of crap?

We’re not saying the Wall Street boys are self-serving.  We’ll let you be the judge of that.  But in terms of retirement account options, most people are fed a steady diet of paper assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence that these “mainstream” investments (which are really all derivatives subject to counter party risk) pay fat commissions.

Not that we have any problem with fat commissions – as long as the products perform.  But we digress…

Our point is that since individual retirement accounts were first set up under ERISA in 1974, the Congress has allowed investors a HUGE array of investment choices – not just the aforementioned paper assets.  In fact, you can invest in “alternative” investments like precious metals, real estate and small businesses.  All those really “exotic” things that existed long before Wall Street was ever built or the first stock certificate was ever printed.

In fact, there’s only a handful of things a private investor can’t hold in their self-directed IRA.  If you’re not familiar with the basics, we recommend you click here to request NuView’s Self-Directed Accounts: No Longer A One Size Fits All.

If you prefer to NuView IRA provides retirement account custodial services to self-directing investors nationwideget some personal attention from a live human being, or you’re ready to set up or transfer your retirement account to a great self-directing custodian, we’d like to recommend you to NuView Trust Company.  Jason Debono and his team helped lots of people just like you get more out of their retirement account through self-direction.  They can help you too!

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