Peini Cacao Plantations – David Sewell


Just one more BIG reason to love chocolate … CASH FLOW!

We’re serious! Chocolate is a $98 Billion industry worldwide!

Are you thinking chocolate truffles, hot cocoa, chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate smoothies …? Ok, stop drooling and hear us out.

No matter how you prefer to consume your chocolate, people all over the world are just like you. And whether they eat chocolate cake at parties or cacao powder in smoothies for the antioxidants … it all starts with the cacao bean.

Did you think money didn’t grow on trees? Well, it kind-of does … The seeds of the cacao fruit (cacao “beans”) can actually monetize for you quite nicely.

And the ENTIRE WORLD is your market. Your customers are spread throughout all the countries in the world! That’s an awesome way to mitigate risk.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you grow cacao beans.  No more than we’d suggest you show up at your tenants’ workplace and do their job.

But imagine you own the LAND that the cacao beans grow on.  The tenants are your trees (in a manner of speaking) and the farmers are your property managers.

Where to start? What if you found a climate, humidity, altitude and rainfall that combined with rich soil created the perfect-growing conditions for excellent, fine-flavored, organic cacao? You’d be in the beautiful, beloved country of Belize!

You own REAL ASSETS (land) creating PASSIVE CASH FLOW located in OFFSHORE BELIZE (unless you happen to live “in-shore Belize”).

We know.  It’s a lot to get your mind around.  And we don’t want to steal any more thunder from our friend David Sewell, who’d be happy to talk you through it all.

Discover how you can diversify your income sources and sweeten your cash flow by adding a few acres of cacao bean-producing farmland …

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