Promanas Group – John Bogdasarian


Profit from the leverage, experience and scale of a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio…  without the headaches of personal ownership.


Let’s face it… an ever-expanding real estate portfolio takes a lot of time, knowledge, industry connections and purchasing power.

Promanas has over 250 investors with more than $200 million in real estate assets under management.    What does this mean for you?

You partake in the profits of well-vetted investments and diversify your returns among multiple deals…all under the oversight of a proven, diligent and successful management team.

As you read this, John and the Promanas Group are searching for Cash Flow, Value Add and Development opportunities.  They are vetting hundreds of potential acquisitions and development opportunities.  They are networking with investors, lenders, brokers, developers and many others.

Why?  All to find good, sound deals for you.

“Regardless of where we are in the real estate cycle, experience has taught us that attractive investment opportunities can always be identified.”

– John Bogdasarian


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