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Say hello to lending for investors by investors.

Imagine navigating your real estate investments with a group of people who really understand what you’re facing … INVESTORS.

Tony O’Brien’s team at Real Estate Lender USA is made up of investors just like you and properties just like yours.  Don’t let lack of financing hold you back … You can accomplish your investment goals!

Real Estate Lender USA is a DIRECT LENDER.  What does that mean for you?  Because all underwriting happens in-house you get to work directly with the decision-makers.  Think flexibility and speed.

Realizing appearance is everything, no matter what your personal credit profile or the underlying asset looks like, their experts know exactly how to package your deals so that they get funded … with the best possible terms, of course.

Tony’s team specializes in Acquisition-Rehab, Bridge and Term Loans for 1-30 unit properties throughout the U.S.

Discover your full borrowing potential!  Real Estate Lender USA helps you overcome setbacks and optimize your leverage with experienced strategies.  They’ll walk you through the process and help you capitalize on all the resources you have at your disposal … Some you may not even realize you have yet.
Whether considering a purchase, rehab or refinance … Ask for an analysis of your leveraging power right away!

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