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ATTENTION! The following relationship may save you millions …


Let’s be honest… an ever-expanding real estate portfolio equals an ever-expanding exposure to RISKS.  We know, it’s not the fun part.

However, stick-your-head in the sand on this one and you may not get it back … Ok, not literally.  We can’t speak for you, but having one of our tenants sue us without proper insurance would cause us to lose our minds.

Bry Shields is an experienced insurance broker who understands the nuances of real estate investing risk.  How?  Because he’s a real estate investor just like YOU.  He has helped hundreds of clients ranging from those with just a few rental houses, to those syndicating millions of dollars in multifamily apartments and commercial properties.

You’re working hard to expand and optimize your portfolio of real estate.  The last thing you need is some unseen disaster to wipe out your hard work.

When you visit with Bry, he takes you through his 3-step process called RM360.  He gives you an RM360 Report that identifies your key exposures, improves your insurance coverage and reduces your rates.

What’s the result?  LOWER RISK and BETTER CASH FLOW!

Think you’ve got your Key Exposures covered? Think twice and check this list …

  • Fire, water, lighting, wind and theft
  • Tenant caused property damage involving fire or water
  • Vacancies or market fluctuations
  • Error or omissions claims for brokers and property managers
  • Tenant discrimination allegations
  • Delinquencies in rent payment
  • Legal liability exposures for storage of others’ property
  • Privacy violations
  • Data breaches of your software or electronic data exposing tenant and vendor data to thieves or hackers
  • Board member fiduciary mismanagement allegations
  • Auto accidents
  • Fiduciary liability if you provide retirement or benefits to employees
  • Exposure to work-related injuries under workers comp laws
  • Injury of tenants or other third parties caused by slip & fall or other reasons on your premises

That’s what we thought too … “Hmmm …. Maybe I better do a double-take on my insurance.”

Use the form below to contact Bry Shields and ask for your very own RM360 Report today!