The Grove Resort – Nick Rohrbach and Jean Gillen


It’s no secret we’re big fans of resort property investing.


It’s a great way to derive rents from affluent people who’d probably never rent a home from you.  And with the right property, you can attract tenants (“guests”) from all over the world … so you’re not as vulnerable to the local economy.

Plus, the property’s are nicer … typically professionally managed AND marketed … and if it’s a place you might visit for fun anyways, now you can combine some pleasure with business travel and (check with your tax advisor) maybe even pick up some tax deductions.

We went and checked out The Grove Resort in Orlando because it’s a REALLY interesting real estate story.  And it turns out it’s a really awesome property too!

Plus, it’s in one of the greatest tourist markets in the USA … so there’s a LOT of reasons to like this project.

If the idea of owning a beautiful, professionally managed resort property in one of the hottest markets in the USA sound appealing to you…


Simply use the form below to contact the fine folks at The Grove Resort & Spa in Orlando, Florida …