10 Steps to Resort Rehab Riches Report

Enjoy tax advantages and high returns by investing
in resort rehab projects … here’s how!

Real estate is full of incredible niches. You’ve probably heard of lifestyle investing … but it’s time to take a look at resort rehabs.
Imagine a before-and-after transformation … that makes you BIG MONEY!
Josh McCallen and his team at Accountable Equity specialize in finding significantly discounted properties in need of some TLC … and turning them into fully-functioning, highly profitable, and gorgeous resorts.
Find higher profit margins by investing in fix n’ hold lifestyle investment properties instead of buying into already up-and-running resorts. On average, Josh’s rehabbed resorts increase in appraised value by over 70 percent!
In this special report, the team at Accountable Equity shares their tips for successfully entering this real estate niche.


  • What tax advantages are available to investors when rehabbing resorts

  • How to select the right management partner

  • Tips for identifying demand drivers

  • Fortifying your business plan

  • And more!

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