Boots-on-the-Ground Market Insights: Salt Lake City, Houston, Boise, Phoenix

May 2020


Salt Lake City, Houston, Boise, Phoenix … Discover how these strong markets are holding up under the impact of the Coronavirus crisis!

While neck deep in Coronavirus crisis … Russell Gray, Co-host of The Real Estate Guys™  Radio Show, interviews Steve Olson, of Fourplex Investment Group, to find out what’s going on at the street level for real estate builders, developers and investors in a variety of markets. 

Steve is a veteran of the 2008 recession …. 

You’ll get some great perspective, practical tips, and important insights into what issues to be watching for as the effects of the Coronavirus unfold. 

Here’s some of the areas Russ & Steve discuss … 

  • Land Opportunities: How land sellers are reacting as a result of the Coronavirus
  • Construction – Sub-contractor availability has been in an issue for builders previously, but what’s happening now
  • Financing – Learn what’s happening for investors seeking construction loans right now … and what has these construction lenders biting their nails
  • Tenants – Take a quick tour of the state of union in rent collection, rent relief, rental applications, property showings, etc… And see what expert property management strategies FIG’s team is using to secure long term tenant retention. 
  • And much more! 

Bonus!  Russ shares insights about what he’s watching on the financing front … and where investors might expect to find reliable financing going forward. 

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