Charlotte Market Report


Charlotte is nicknamed the Queen City.  It makes sense to us, because we think this market really rules!


It’s ranked as third on the list of top real estate markets to watch. Just one of the many reasons Charlotte should be on your investment radar.

This metropolitan center combines southern charm with big city resources. It’s the 16th largest U.S. city … and did we mention it’s now the second largest banking center in the United States? Look out, New York.

Everyone from millennials to retirees is hightailing it to Charlotte. It was the number one destination for one-way moving truck rentals last year. We like to call that … A Clue! And it is consistently one of the top ten moving destinations in the U.S.

In his latest report, Aaron Adams lays out all that this market has to offer. Learn about the booming economy, industry advancements, and expanding local infrastructure of this major distribution and cultural center. Examine facts and data that back up this market’s strong growth rates.  And check out ways YOU can get to know this market even better!

Discover what’s happening in the Queen City!

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