Due Diligence Checklist – Is Your Deal a Go or No Go?


John Bogdasarian has syndicated over $200 million in real estate investment projects all over the United States.

As an experienced investor and syndicator, he has spent years honing in on what details are necessary to research when determining if, in fact, you have a “GOOD DEAL”. He finds a lot of properties, screens a lot of properties, rejects a lot of properties… and purchases, develops and manages a lot of properties.

He’s become an expert at the vetting process necessary in any given real estate cycle. He can tell you how to identify the good, the bad and the ugly. Whether you are investing personally or syndicating many deals, his knowledge will save you from a lot of headaches, a lot of lost capital, and, most importantly, a bad reputation.

In this special report, John shares his due diligence checklist so that you can determine if your next deal is a “Go” or a “No Go”. Every serious investor should review this checklist before loading the bases with their hard-earned money… or other people’s money… hoping for a home run.

If you’re looking for a simple, yet effective checklist to cover your vetting bases, borrow John’s wisdom to avoid fouling out on your next deal!

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