Indianapolis Market Report


Indianapolis – One of the Hottest Markets for CASH FLOW Rental Property

In 2012, Wall Street decided to start buying up 3% of the single family homes in America. Indianapolis was at the top of every fund manager’s list!

We like to call that … A Clue!  Aaron Adams happens to be a go-to resource for these fund managers.  Thanks to him, YOU can get an inside to peek into what Wall Street’s interest in Indianapolis is all about.

When the brightest minds in the country are tasked with deciding where to invest Billions of dollars (Yes, that Billions, with a Capital “B”) … we take note.

The funds earmarked for single family homes, not only went to obvious markets like Las Vegas, Southern California and Florida, but as the analysts dug deeper, Indianapolis kept popping up as a savvy choice.

  • Find out what Wall Street fund managers have uncovered about this “Silicon Prairie” market.
  • Discover what’s driving top appreciation and cash flow in this growing city.
  • And … Learn why the retail bust could be your ticket to a booming portfolio. Well, if you own Indianapolis real estate anyway.

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