Profiting with Papaya in Guatemala


The tropical papaya has gone from being a local staple for remote islanders to a major multi-faceted global commodity over the past fifteen years. It’s a BIG business with BIG returns for investors!

Elite investors know diversification is key. They also know alternative investments can provide superior returns.

It all comes down to picking the right product … or in this case, picking the right fruit. You’ve heard of the pineapple and the mango, but now it’s time to meet the sweet papaya.

Papayas have gone from a local staple for remote islanders to a global commodity. The papaya now ranks third in tropical fruit sales around the world.

This evolution from exotic fruit to mainstream snack is driven by five major metropolitan cities in the U.S. … Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Dallas, and New York City. Together they account for nearly 75 percent of U.S. papaya sales … and the demand keeps growing.

A papaya investment takes less than a year to start generating returns. The hardy papaya plant typically begins producing fruit only 9-10 months after planting. And this generational legacy asset keeps producing!

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  • How global supply and demand are driving both papaya sales and agricultural investment
  • Why the papaya’s biological growth advantage means superior long-term income
  • How to invest in your own papaya plot
  • And much more!

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