St. Louis Market Report


St. Louis-style barbecue is some of the best in the nation, but St. Louis real estate is just as good!


Low property taxes and affordable housing have kept the St. Louis real estate market stable through uncertain times.  Now, the area is BOOMING!  In 2016, the housing market was up 8% from the previous year.  This kind of growth means … CASH FLOW. 

Everyone from baby boomers to millennials loves what St. Louis has to offer … and it’s easy to see why.  Home to nine Fortune 500 companies and a range of industries from education to trade … employment is readily available.  The city is also in the midst of more than $7 billion in development … that means more jobs, more amenities, and more investment opportunities!  

In this St. Louis Market Report provided by American Real Estate Investments, you’ll discover all St. Louis has to offer.  Dig into the market history, growth projections, and cultural flavor that make this area unique.  

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