The Passive Income Guide


Take control of your savings, and make passive income with private money lending!


As real estate investors … we love the idea of passive income.

You have money in sitting idle … so why not put it to work for you? And make more money!

Making money without a lot of hard work might sound too good to be true … but John Larson shares a way to invest passively with all the security of real estate without bearing the market risk if values decline.

Plus, if you’re looking for ways to grow your retirement funds … John’s strategy of investing in private money lending means you don’t have to deal with some of the tricky parts involved in owning leveraged real estate inside your IRA … But you can still get GREAT returns!

In this sneak peek of The Passive Income Guide, access TWO FREE CHAPTERS … “Private Money Lending: Be The Bank” and “Investing In Real Estate With Your Retirement Funds.”

In these chapters discover:

✓ How to take control of your retirement funds and diversify into other investment options … like private money lending

✓ The critical components of calculating risk in passive investing

✓ How to prepare your retirement funds for borrowing

✓ Tips for passive investing success

✓ And more!

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