This Once Overlooked Real Estate Niche Ready for Its Spotlight


Mobile home communities have long been overlooked as a profitable real estate investment … but now they’re ready to take center stage.

Journey into the world of mobile home investing with our friend Andrew Lanoie and his team at Four Peaks Capital Partners.  Like many investors, Andrew and his partners are constantly looking for alternative investments that create above-market returns … without being tied to the ups and downs of Wall Street.  

Of all the real estate niches they have explored … mobile home communities (MHC) offer the highest cap rates while also demonstrating recession-proof qualities.  And that’s just the beginning! 

Learn why mobile home communities are such a profitable segment of the real estate market, how they withstand economic changes, and how to start your own exploration into the MHC sector. 

We always say one of the best ways to learn is to learn from other investors … especially experienced investors and wealth-builders like Andrew Lanoie.  

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