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Gene Guarino

The Secrets of Successful Syndication Seminar

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The Real Estate Guys™ and their faculty of experts

September 15-16, 2017 in Dallas


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This is the LAST training of 2017 … the next session isn’t for SIX MONTHS! 
Don’t wait half a year to start building your syndication business …

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Syndication Helps You Go Bigger Faster …

Investing is about buying assets that GROW in value … through cash-flow and equity growth.

Investors LOVE rental real estate because it produces cash-flow and tends to go UP in value over time.  Best of all, you can borrow most of the money from lenders … then pay it back from the rental income.

Your tenants literally pay-off your loan … creating equity for you even if the price never goes up!  That’s a beautiful thing.


You still need a down payment.  And to do BIG deals, you need BIG down payments.  So now it gets tougher.

MOST people take the SLOW path …

They go to work … trading time for dollars … paying taxes, living frugally, and squirrelling away savings in a bank account that pays nearly no interest.

That’s pushing a boulder up hill.

Here’s a BETTER plan:  instead of working to SAVE money, go to work RAISING money from people who earn a lot more than you and ALREADY have a BIG pile of savings!

THEIR problem is they have a lot of money they need put to work, but they don’t have the time, expertise, connections, or inclinations to chase the deals.

That’s where YOU come in.

YOU build YOUR wealth by helping other people build their wealth.

That’s what syndication is all about.  It’s how guys like Warren Buffett and Sam Zell got started.

Syndication is simply when you put together a group of investors to share the risks and rewards of bigger deals or a bigger portfolio.

That’s all a hedge fund or mutual fund is.  It’s how almost ALL big-time real estate investors do it.  You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to do multi-million deals. 

The Secrets of Successful Syndication is PERFECT for …

  • Experienced real estate investors who want to go to the next level fast

  • Business people who want to get out of the corporate machine

  • Active syndicators who want to get bigger faster and get more big deal flow

  • Anyone looking to get on the fast track to full time in real estate investing

Enjoy two FULL Days of Powerful, Proven Training!

  • Discover why NOW is the time to get into the real estate syndication business

  • Learn how to set up and fund your first syndication in six months – or less!

  • Build a strong team of professional advisors to make sure you do things right!

  • Find huge hidden sources of investment capital

  • Develop a powerful resume that will impress investors, lenders and sellers

  • Learn to find all kinds of great deals – big and small – and always stay in the deal flow

  • Discover partnership structures that will attract investors and comply with all laws

  • Create a compelling presentation that will attract money

  • Learn how to work your way up to big deals fast

  • Discover the single most important skill every successful syndicator MUST have

  • Plus a fun-filled networking reception with faculty and fellow investors

Featuring a Fine Faculty of Experienced Experts…

Everyone on this list actively practices what they teach!


Robert HelmsRobert Helms

The founder and host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show, Robert has a long and storied background in real estate as an investor, developer, educator and syndicator.  His entertaining and engaging presentation style, practical knowledge and diverse perspectives make him a crowd favorite.  In addition to serving as the event emcee, Robert reveals why real estate and syndication make sense now, where to find both money and deals, and case studies of real world syndications.


Russell GrayRussell Gray

Russ is the long-time co-host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show.  A business and financial strategist with three decades of experience in marketing, investing and financial services, Russ has a knack for seeing the big picture and knowing how to put the pieces together into an actionable plan.  He will explain the fundamentals of syndication, the four essential skills every syndicator must have, and how you can start to build your syndication business immediately…no matter where you are today.


Mauricio Rauld of Premier Law GroupMauricio Rauld, Esq.

Mauricio is an attorney who helps investors properly set up their syndication companies, offering documents and asset protection structures. Mauricio is very experienced with interstate and international offerings, as well as the use of self-directed retirement account funds in syndication.  He shares critical concepts you must understand about setting up your entity structures, raising and handling money, and complying with state and federal securities laws.  


Dave Zook is The Real Asset InvestorDave Zook

Dave started out as a listener to The Real Estate Guys™ radio show, eventually attending the Secrets of Successful Syndication seminar … and has purchased over $100 million of real estate.  He knows exactly what it’s like to go from student to successful syndicator and will share his story and many of the valuable lessons he’s learned along the way.  Dave has syndicated a variety of investments in multiple states and countries, including apartment buildings, resort properties, and ATM machines.


Gene Guarino is founder of Residential Assiste Living Academy and a foremost expert on this red hot real estate niche. He's also a Certified Financial Planner and an experienced syndicator.Gene Guarino

A long time real estate investor, syndicator and trainer, Gene is highly focused on the residential assisted living niche.  He operates several assisted living homes himself, and has helped dozens of students open their own care homes all over the country.  Many of these projects were funded through private capital.  Gene shares valuable insights about the residential assisted living niche and successful syndication in general.


 Glen Mather is the Founder and President of NuView IRA. Glen Mather is an expert on how to use retirement accounts to purchase real estate and invest in private placements without paying a tax penalty.Glen Mather

After leaving a long and successful career in corporate America, Glen discovered the power of using his own individual retirement account to invest in real estate.  Today, Glen is the founder and CEO of a retirement account custodian and is considered one of the nation’s leading experts on self-directed retirement accounts.  With over $6 TRILLION in assets, retirement accounts are one of the best sources of investment capital for syndicators.  Glen will show you exactly how they work, including real world case studies.


David Sewell is an experienced syndicator and active in the coffee and cacao businesses.David Sewell

David is a Canadian born international real estate investor and long time syndicator.  He’s raised multi-millions of dollars in his career and continues to be active today.  David is focused on Latin American farmland investing, with an emphasis on specialty coffee and cacao.  David’s diverse experience, expertise and candor make him a popular contributor to any discussion of real estate investing and syndication.


Victor Menasce

Victor is a very active Canadian real estate investor and syndicator with projects in both Canada and the United States.  He’s the author of two books, including Magnetic Capital – How to Raise All the Money You Need for ANY Worth Venture (forward written by our very own Robert Helms).  Victor has been mentored by and works with George Ross, who was Donald Trump’s long time business attorney and an original judge on The Apprentice.  Victor is also President of the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization.  He brings a broad background in business, technology, start-ups, fundraising, strategic networking, real estate investing, and real estate development.

More To Come

You never know who’s going to show up for an event with The Real Estate Guys™ … and we’re working on a few surprises for this event!  But don’t want to find out before you register … prices go up as the event gets closer … unless we sell out completely first (which sometimes happens).

PLUS…you’ll hear from several real world syndicators…including some who kicked off their careers at this very event!


September 15-16, 2017 in Dallas


There’s still time to register!

This is the LAST training of 2017 … the next session isn’t for SIX MONTHS! 
Don’t wait half a year to start building your syndication business …

REGISTER TODAY while there’s still time!

If you’re attending by yourself, register as an Individual.
Or save even more when you concurrently register as a Partnership with your spouse or one business partner.

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Can’t make the date?  Fill out the form below to get on the Advance Notice List for the next power-packed training:


People LOVE the Secrets of Successful Syndication seminar…


“I attended the Secrets of Successful Syndication event in August and just closed on my first syndication three months later utilizing the information taught during the conference. Forget the ROI for real estate, the real ROI is made through attending your conferences. Thanks guys!” – Ricky C., Quitman, Texas, USA

“I’ll be attending again. I did three successful syndications since the last seminar.” – Ryan D.

“It was truly an eye opening seminar. I was amazed by the number of speakers involved and hands on content. After Day 2, I understood why people come back to take the seminar again and again.” – Joji M.

Fantastic content, speakers and great networking opportunities!” – Elisabeth E., Washington, USA

“Awesome two days of incredible content and strategies.  Plus amazing associations and networking!” – Kyle W., Dallas, Texas, USA

Gave me confidence to get started.” – Paul H., Michigan, USA

“I have spent many thousands of dollars on real estate seminars and training and this was BY FAR the best event I have ever attended. This event has set me on a course that will transform my life, real estate investing, and business.” – Joe N., Utah USA

“It was such an amazing, fabulous and mind stimulating event. I learned so much. You guys truly go above and beyond!” – Lynn Y., Upland, California, USA

“Wow. Ton of info all presented in a fun, upbeat fashion.” – Steve C., Mississippi, USA

Incredible value! Highly recommend to others.” – Dennis Kay, featured real estate agent on House Hunters International, Belize

“An extremely valuable networking opportunity!” – Brian B., Alaska, USA

“This event exceeded my expectations. I am so glad I made the trip!” – Shanna N., Alberta, Canada

Very pleased with the professionalism.” – Matt T., Washington DC, USA

“I met incredible people.” – Manasi S., California, USA

“This was the kick start I needed!  Thank you!” – EJ B., Colorado, USA

Awesome, I repeat, AWESOME. You can expect to keep seeing us!” – Luis H., Panama (4 time attendee)

Great people, speakers and guests – with great passion, knowledge and insights.” – Brooke R., New York, USA

“I’m leaving with three great actionable ideas!” – Matt Theriault, Host, Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast, California, USA

“This is my 2nd time attending. This meeting was much better than last year. The [first meeting] was the spark for me. I learned a ton and thank you guys for all your help. I am full time with 450 units in 60 days.” – Mark R., Arizona, USA

“Thank you so much! Great content and context!” – Matt R., Sacramento, California, USA Exceeded my expectations!” – Edwin M., North Carolina, USA

“My third syndication seminar and it just keeps getting better!” – John K., California, USA

“Thank you! I loved it!” – Burke W., California, USA

Worth every dollar paid!” – Louis B., Quebec, Canada

Great overall value!” – Christopher A., New Mexico, USA

Wonderful event!  I look forward to attending another.” – John C., Arkansas, USA

“Tremendously informative! Each speaker provided terrific insights about getting started, overcoming challenges, and putting teams and deals together.” – Bob G., Silicon Valley, California

“So blessed to have the opportunity to be here and learn from all of you.” – Lynn C., California, USA

Life changing event!” – Aldrian H., Alabama, USA

The content and enthusiasm was great!” – Mark M., Texas, USA

“Great event!” – Ash B., Alberta, Canada

Worth every penny.  Highly recommend!” – Carl M., California, USA

“Ken McElroy was amazing!! And Mauricio taught me what and why I need to know about securities laws.” – Shiva R., Los Angeles, California, USA

“I’m thrilled plus! I met so many high quality people who gave me encouragement that this is doable.” – Linda M., Colorado, USA

“Russell Gray simplified it the best and made it understandable.” – Nick A., Southern California, USA

“I really enjoyed this seminar. It was very informative and motivational. I believe this seminar will return a high yield.” – Ryan E., Illinois, USA

Outstanding event!” – Michael S., Illinois, USA

“I now have a better understanding of the true value I am bringing to the market place.” – J Massey, Host of the Cash Flow Diary podcast., Southern California, USA

“I’m so very happy I was able to attend. Thank you for setting this up!” – Bill P., South Dakota, USA

“Thanks for a great event.  I loved everything about it!” – Kevin B., Pennsylvania, USA

“I loved the variety of speakers.  Networking opportunities were great!” – Tim H., California, USA

“The program provided a sound basis to move from personal real estate investing to becoming a syndicator.” – Dr. Greg O., Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

“The information will allow my partner and I to continue our goal setting and beginning our syndication of deals. This clinic helped us validate where we’re at with our investing and what we need to do next.” – Jana H., Spokane, Washington, USA

“Thank you again! I’m onto my 2nd syndication since last year’s training. This time it’s bigger than I could have ever imagined. Because of what I’ve learned, I’ve just had my offer accepted on a 52-unit apartment complex. It was the seminar last year that gave me the major push and motivation I need to move onto larger deals.” – Sepehr B., Southern California, USA

Exceptional value!” – Tyler S., Tampa, Florida, USA

“Under promised, over delivered!” – Daniel S., West Virginia, USA

Great event – extensive information.” – Ernest A., Dallas, Texas, USA

“This is my second syndication seminar…not stale or repetitive.  In fact, content was fresh and very relevant.” – Dr. Jason B., New Jersey, USA

“Great info to spring me into action!” – Dave M., Colorado, USA

“I loved the real world examples in all presentations.” – Jill S., Minnesota, USA

Totally awesome event!” – Karl P., Georgia, USA

“Great content and even greater context!  A thought provoking jump start for strategic plan. Thanks!” – Uri R., Georgia, USA


It’s decision time…


Most people who read ALL the way to the bottom REALLY want to do it…but they struggle making the commitment.  If that’s you, today’s a good day to change that…because the first step to growth begins with commitment.

This training is changing people’s lives.  It could change yours too.  But the only way to find out is to join us and discover The Secrets of Successful Syndication for yourself.  It just might be the piece of the puzzle you’ve been looking for!


September 15-16, 2017 in Dallas


There’s still time to register!

This is the LAST training of 2017 … the next session isn’t for SIX MONTHS! 
Don’t wait half a year to start building your syndication business …

REGISTER TODAY while there’s still time!

If you’re attending by yourself, register as an Individual.
Or save even more when you concurrently register as a Partnership with your spouse or one business partner.

register-individual     register-partnership

*We encourage couples and investment partners to attend together, so we offer a special low partner rate which is limited to ONE partner per individual registration.
You MUST register your partner at the SAME time in order to get the partner rate.

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