The Real Estate Guys Investor Summit at Sea on a cruise ship

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The 16th Annual Investor Summit at Sea™


April 6-15, 2018


Two Days on Land … Seven Days at Sea … A LIFETIME of Value!


♦ Fort Lauderdale, FL   ♦ Puerto Rico   ♦ St. Thomas   ♦  St. Maarten


In 2017, we sold out with nearly 200 Summiteers … and it was EPIC. 


Alumni have already claimed 150 spots …

so we got a BIGGER boat with a BIGGER conference room.

But with everything going on in the world …
and the AMAZING line-up of WORLD-CLASS faculty …

2018 is also sure to SELL OUT FAST!


So ACT NOW to claim YOUR place for what promises to be our GREATEST Summit yet!


A Financial Summit for Real People …


Whether you like and trust them or not … every year POWERFUL elites have Summits to make plans about the future of YOUR money and wealth.


Meanwhile …

Politicians in every nation are tweaking the tax code …

Brilliant entrepreneurs are creating disruptive technologies …

Central bankers and Wall Street insiders are manipulating interest rates and financial markets …

… and YOU are stuck trying to grow and protect your wealth in a RAPIDLY changing world.

So if you’re SERIOUS about your financial future … and want to have FUN learning how to better grow and protect your wealth …


The Summit is a MUST ATTEND event!


And because there’s SO MUCH to cover, for 2018 we’ve added an EXTRA DAY !!!


Here’s a quick overview of what we have planned …


April 6 & 7, 2018


We’ll be on land in our Ft. Lauderdale hotel conference center focused on The Future of Money and Wealth.

We’re not ready to announce the entire line-up of experts, but it will be our MOST IMPRESSIVE group of world-class experts! 

We’ve ALREADY CONFIRMED Peter Schiff, G. Edward Griffin, Simon Black, Chris Martenson … and at least THREE mystery keynotes we may not announce until the event.


You’ll enjoy presentations and panel discussions on critical topics including …

  • The future of the Federal Reserve and what it means for interest rates, dollar strength, economic growth and financial markets

  • The changing role of the U.S. dollar in the global financial system … will China’s plans to supplant the greenback succeed?

  • The explosive growth of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies … is block-chain technology the future of money?

  • The go-forward role of gold … if any … in global trade and personal wealth preservation

  • The future of interest rates in a world awash in unprecedented levels of personal, corporate, and sovereign debt

  • How ALL these things potentially affect YOUR future and wealth … and what YOU can do to prosper in rapidly changing times



And that’s just the first two days!


Then with all these great ideas and perspectives lighting up our minds …

It’s ALL ABOARD a luxurious cruise ship!


April 8-15, 2018


We’ll sail the beautiful eastern Caribbean Ocean and enjoy a powerful week of …

  • Expert presentations and panels

  • Round table discussions

  • Lively dinner conversations

  • Private receptions

  • An optional educational shore excursion

  • An optional group beach party


Sound awesome?  It is!


No wonder nearly 75% of our 2017 group placed their reservations before they even got back on land!

And now that we’re open to the public, even with more capacity … 2018 is sure to sell out fast.


But you should know …


The Summit isn’t cheap.  It’s a BIG commitment of time and money.  But that’s exactly what makes it so great.


Because the barrier to entry to high, the Summit attracts the highest caliber attendees … folks who are informed, successful, curious, and committed to prospering in ANY economic environment.

So as amazing as our faculty are … you’ll be just as impressed by your fellow Summiteers!

People come from all over the world, bringing their unique perspectives, insights, and experiences.

When we all get together to rub our brains together, everyone walks away enriched.


Just ONE great idea or relationships can EASILY make the time and expense of attending more than worth it.


That’s why the majority of Summiteers and faculty come back year after year after year.


There’s nowhere else you can go for this caliber of education, inspiration, and networking.  The Summit is truly special.


 >>> Click here now to claim YOUR place on the 16th annual Investor Summit at Sea™ <<<