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18th Annual Investor Summit at Sea™ has sailed!


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Get ready for an AMAZING week of FUN, SUN, EDUCATION and NETWORKING…with some of the biggest brains in real estate, investing, economics, wealth building, and entrepreneurship !!!


When we first started this way back in 2002, we weren’t sure it could catch on.  After all, an week long investment on a cruise ship is a BIG commitment of time and money … for us and for YOU.

But through both booms and busts, year after year, not only is the Summit still going strong … every year it gets bigger and better!

One reason for the Summit’s success is the HUGE number of alumni … people who come back year after year after year.  And that’s not just the attendees … we have MANY outstanding faculty members who look forward to the this event as the HIGHLIGHT of their year, too.

That’s high praise … which we happily and humbly give thanks for.

Of course, with lots of alumni every year, we work to change things up and keep the experience both timely and relevant.  After all, the world is changing quickly … and in MANY ways.

And because we never know what great speaker, interesting topic, world-changing event, or fun activity will come up at the last minute … our itinerary is always subject to change at the whims of our creative genius and divine providence.

Of course, once you’re registered, we’ll send you updates, reminders, and helpful tips to help make sure your Summit experience is one you’ll remember forever! Hint: Get lots of rest before this trip – and allow a day or two afterward to recover. Yeah, it’s THAT fun. 😉


Here’s the plan for our 19th Summit at Sea …



Find your way into Miami …


Yes, we know the Summit doesn’t officially start until Friday. But we start EARLY on Friday … and you won’t want to miss a minute. So PLEASE … arrive in Miami, Florida no later than the afternoon of Thursday … and get checked into our group hotel (we’ll send you all the details once you’re registered).


Your Summit registration INCLUDES your hotel room for Thursday, Friday and checking out on Saturday, which is the day we board the ship. Anything extra (before or after) is on you … though we can probably get you a good group rate. So when you register, let us know if you plan to get in early or stay late to explore Miami or the surrounding areas.


Summit check-in is open 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm … and there’s a special reception for Summiteers (that’s what we call you … it’s like being a Mousketeer, but MUCH cooler).

But even though we start out with a little party, be sure to get to bed early so you can get well rested and ready for …



Day 1: Lots of Learning on Land …


Day 1 starts with our a hosted breakfast on land, followed by a FULL day of educational sessions.  Then just when you think your brain and butt can’t handle any more …

… we all get together and have a fun-filled Welcome Reception.

The Welcome Reception is your first of MANY opportunities to meet, mingle and imbibe with the faculty and your fellow Summiteers.

And if you’re shy … that’s okay.  No one will know.  So you can just pretend you aren’t … and make LOTS of new friends.

Of course, you’ll be VERY tempted to stay up late and talk the night away with your new best buds … but PACE YOURSELF … because there’s a WHOLE LOT MORE coming in the days ahead … starting with …



Day 2: Lots MORE Learning on Land …


Yes, it’s true … before we even get on the ship, we’re cramming a LOT of world-class content into your brains … so once you’re onboard and the conversations begin in earnest, you’ll already have a TON to talk about.


Of course, the hotel is pretty nice too … and by now you know your way around plus you have lots of new friends.  It’s going to be REALLY tempting to stay out late for a farewell to land party.

But don’t get too cozy because the party is FAR from over … and the next day is …




Day 3:  A Little More Learning and Land and then … ALL ABOARD!


This is our last day on land and you won’t want to miss a minute of it.


We’ll start the day with another yummy breakfast, then into the classroom for education sessions in the morning.


When the land portion of the day ends mid-day, we all pile into buses and shuttle over to the pier where we’ll climb (actually, they provide a ramp) aboard the big, beautiful and elegant Celebrity Equinox.


After being in awe as you board this AMAZING vessel, you’ll settle into your cozy stateroom (that’s cruise jargon for your cabin).


If you have a balcony stateroom (which is HIGHLY recommended, so don’t wait too long to register … balcony cabins always sell out FAST) … you can stand outside and wave goodbye to the landlubbers as the ship sales away … we’re headed into the warm and beautiful Caribbean Ocean and won’t be back for more than a week!


That evening, we’ll converge in our group’s dedicated area of the ship’s dining room … where you’ll enjoy the first of MANY deliciously decadent meals onboard the ship. But don’t worry, the ship has a very well-appointed fitness center … which we’ve never seen. But you can. We’ll probably be in the bar. 😉


Now if you’ve cruised before, you know cruise lines always assign you a permanent dining seat. But that means you end up sitting with the same people every night. That’s fine (probably) if you’re only traveling with your spouse and family. But you’re here to meet and mingle with NEW people and, of course, our illustrious faculty.


So each night, you’ll still have assigned seating. But we change your seating assignment EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. So you never sit in the same place or with the same people twice. Of course, if you’re attending with your spouse and/or family, we’ll keep you together. Other than that, we’re forcing you to make new friends.


The goal is to help you meet and get into quality conversations with as many of your fellow Summiteers and faculty as possible. No wallflowers on this Summit! Like Cheers (if you’re old enough to remember the old TV show) … by the end of the Summit, everyone will know your name.


After dinner, you’ll be VERY tempted to stay up late to explore the ship and party like a rock star, but once again … pace yourself.  You’ll be on the ship for nearly a week … and you’re going to get a well-deserved chance to unwind, digest all you’ve learned already, and hang out in the warm Caribbean sun with your growing network od new friends, because tomorrow is …



Day 4:  Our First Fabulous Port – Key West


The ship hits land … figuratively speaking … at 8:00 am and will remain docked until 5:00 pm.   Every year we do some kind of an optional educational shore excursion at one of the ports … and we’re not yet sure which one it will be.


In any case, every port has fun things to do on your own, with your new friends, or as a group . Ports are your chance to get off the ship, see some sights, collect some souvenirs, and enjoy a little well-deserved rest and relaxation.


Of course, ports are also a great opportunity to stay onboard a mostly vacant ship … and enjoy a spa treatment, squeeze in a trip to the fitness center, or just catch up on some much needed sleep.


But whatever you choose to do, we’ll all be back on board by 5:00 pm to freshen up and get to dinner for more lively conversations with yet another new group of fellow Summiteers.  And sometimes, we’ve been known to squeeze in a private party or two before and after dinner.



Day 5:  Sessions at Sea


We’re at sea the entire day. So while the other passengers play shuffleboard and compete in the hairiest chest contest, you’ll be feasting your brain on great investing ideas served up by our fabulous faculty.


The Real Estate Guys Investor Summit at Sea features real estate investing training aboard a cruise shipAt this point, you may be wondering about the seminar agenda. So are we. We don’t actually put the agenda together until about a week before the Summit…and even then it’s subject to change.




Because we live in a constantly changing world and don’t want our faculty coming in with canned talks that they present at conference after conference all year long. And they don’t have anything to sell you, so no canned sales pitches either.


This event is a SUMMIT of great minds (including yours), where our faculty members talk about whatever is on the top of their minds, and comment on whatever is currently happening in the markets, and answer your real time questions in an interactive format.


In 17 years, we’ve NEVER had anyone complain about a lack of content or value. We’re pretty sure you’re going to love it too!

So come with an open mind and get ready to expand your thinking, your network…and probably your waist line. On the Summit, you don’t have to worry about your brain or body starving!


Nearly every day we’re on the ship, you’ll have the opportunity to enroll in optional Round Table Topical Discussions hosted by one of our MANY subject matter experts.


As topics are announced, you’ll have the opportunity to pick a topic of interest and reserve a seat in a small group hosted by that topic’s subject matter expert. Then you and those fellow Summiteers who are also interested in the topic will all sit down together to learn and discuss the topic.


As you’ll discover, the Summit is full of LOTS of smart, successful, subject matter experts … on a wide variety of topics including precious metals, crypto-currencies, agriculture, apartments, resort property, mobile homes, assisted living, asset protection, estate planning, financing, syndication, and much, much more!


Dinner and a Discussion

After a full day of classroom sessions, it’s back to your stateroom to primp and prep for dinner. Sometimes … in fact often … we do some kind of pre-dinner private party. There’s no lack of activity or opportunities to connect with each other!


And on at least one of the nights on the ship, there’s a formal night … so you’ll need to pack some fancy clothes. But don’t stress about that now. Once you’re registered, we’ll send you all kinds of handy reminders and checklists to make sure you have everything you need. This isn’t our first rodeo … or Summit.


On formal night, we all gather after dinner so you can show off your fancy threads and flash your pearly whites for our annual Investor Summit at Sea™ group photo!


Yes, that could be you all fancied up and smiling next to Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, G. Edward Griffin, Tom Hopkins or one of our many other fine faculty and Summiteers!


By now, we’ve already done a lot!  But there’s a LOT more to come.  Next is …



Day 6:  Our Second Sensational Port –  Georgetown, Grand Cayman


The ship docks at 7:00 am ship time until 4:00 pm when it sets sail again. That gives us a whole day to do something fun.


Although we haven’t finalized our plans, this is the most likely port for our optional Summit at Sea Education Shore Excursion.

Every year, we pick a port where we can learn something interesting. It costs extra and we don’t have room for everyone, so if you’d rather lounge by the beach or shop for an entry for the Ugliest Souvenir contest, you’ll have the day off.


If you’d like to join us, be sure to register RIGHT AWAY … because roster spots are made available based on your “Summit number” … which is the order you registered in.  A low number (early registration) is good because it means you get an early pick for round tables, shore excursions, and any other optional, limited space opportunities.


Again, we haven’t finalized our plans for Grand Cayman, but we think this is a good place to talk international banking, asset protection, and privacy structures. Or, we may go look at a cool real estate development. Or both. Whatever it is, it’ll be awesome.


Whether you’re on the optional excursion or not, be SURE to be back on the ship by 4:00 pm because that’s when the ramp comes up and the ship pulls away. You’ll want to be aboard because it’s a LONG swim home …

… and this is the night we have our now famous annual Cash Flow Game Night … then another amazing evening of dinner discussions, and  of course, some late night shenanigans.


But once again, pace yourself … because tomorrow is …



Day 7:  Our THIRD thrilling port – Cozumel!


There’s a lot of sea between Grand Cayman and Cozumel, so the ship is scheduled to port at 11:00 am.

If we’re feeling ambitious … and we usually are … we may cram another classroom session or two on the morning. We’re expecting our typical enormous faculty (numbers, not body type) … and we want to give them ample time to impart their tremendous wisdom and insights.


But not TOO much … because Cozumel is the port of this year’s annual optional Group Beach Party.  This is your chance to rub sun tan lotion on Peter Schiff.


The ship doesn’t pull out until 8:00 pm so there’s PLENTY of time to have PLENTY of fun … and get a serious sun-burn if you’re not careful … before getting back on board for a late-night dinner seating.

While most folks will be too tuckered out to party into the night … there’s always a few.  But once again, don’t overdo it because tomorrow is …



Day 8: Sessions at Sea … and the annual EPIC Summit Farewell Party!


Thank God it’s Friday (like you’ll even know or care what day it is!). After all that goofing off at all those beautiful ports … it’s time to get back into the classroom and get to work!

This is our LAST day together and we’ll make it count!


Summiteers get the microphone to ask questions and share their best ideas and action plans as the Summit comes to an end

After our morning session, you’ll be part of the live studio audience as we record a commemorative episode of The Real Estate Guys™ radio show. Afterwards, now that we’re all friends, we ask everyone to share their best ideas and action plans.


This last day is often the MOST powerful of the week because it’s where it all comes together.


We’re also all feeling a bit nostalgic because we know this Summit is coming to an end. It’s like that last day of summer camp when you were a kid. It’s sad to think your new BFFs are about to disperse to their respective homes.


But we’re not ready to say good-bye just yet!


So at the end of the day, we’ll take a quick break so you can freshen up…and get ready for our private farewell party. This is one you won’t want to miss…because we have something special (and FUN) going on.


When we finish our day, we’ll get together for our final evening of lively conversations over yet another delicious dinner.


Yes, you’ll get on board the ship as a “passenger”, but will probably leave as “freight”. So pack some loose clothes too, because your mind isn’t the only thing that expands on the Summit! You’ll want to be comfy for the trip home tomorrow.


After dinner, the night owls will once again gather for the last bout of late night fun and camaraderie – and our infamous “Jam in your Jammies” party.


Yes, it’s just like it sounds: a live music pajama party into the wee hours of the night. So be sure to pack publicly presentable PJ’s. Who said investment conferences have to be boring?  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Peter Schiff party in his PJs.


But even though we’ll party like there’s no tomorrow, there is …



Disembark and Say Goodbye to the Celebrity Equinox


You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay on board.

It's sad to say goodbye...until the next Summit at Sea

Full Disclosure: This is the worst day of the Summit. Why? Because it’s over. We disembark, and like high school graduation, we say good-bye until our next reunion. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait 5 years to see each other again because before we’re off the ship, we’ll announce our 2021 Summit!


On this day of disembarkation, the ship will pull into port in Miami in the morning.


For some, they’ll just be getting back to their rooms. Others will sleep a little late. Though there isn’t anything formal scheduled, most of us try to see each other one last time in the dining area, then we say our sad goodbyes and get off the ship.




With all this said (and we said a lot!), our itinerary is always subject to change. We obviously have no control over the weather or Celebrity Cruise Lines, so it’s important to stay…flexible. 🙂


As far as our class schedules go, the faculty works on their presentations in the two weeks just prior to the Summit so the content is always fresh, current and dynamic. But that also means it’s subject to change … and we have no idea what they’re going to present.


So please don’t call and ask for an agenda.  We don’t have one, except to put a bunch of really smart people in a room to talk about what’s happening in the world and what investors need to know and do about it.


In 18 years, we’ve NEVER had anyone tell us they were disappointed!


The testimonials really say it all. Our goal is to deliver another world-class and potentially life-changing event … and then add YOU to our LONG list of thrilled Summiteers!


The Real Estate Guys

18th Annual Investor Summit at Sea™ has sailed!


Get on the Advance Notice List for the next one!