Paraguay Orange & Greenhouse Plantation Tour – Aug 15 – 19, 2019


Paraguay Orange & Greenhouse


Plantation Tour


August 15 – 19, 2019


Join the Paraguay Ag Invest team for a very educational tour of their orange and greenhouse plantations in the “La Colmena” region of Paraguay.

Food is a commodity everyone needs.  In a bubble market, concerned investors are drawn to farmland and agricultural commodity investments.

Agricultural investments give you the chance to make long-term, consistent income.  

Now you can explore farming for profits … without getting your hands dirty!  

Discover a couple of ways you can get paid for meeting the global needs of the every-increasing demand for FOOD  … by owning farmland and “little green houses”.

Carsten Pfau and his experienced team will guide you on a tour of their beautiful plantations.


During your tour of the Paraguay Plantations you’ll:


  • Experience first hand the agricultural strength of Paraguay and why it is rated so high by many investment experts today

  • See the planting of orange sapling trees and over 115,000 growing orange trees up to 4 years old

  • Meet the experienced farm engineers and local farm workers

  • Join our owner Carsten Pfau for dinner, listen to his experiences in Paraguay over the past 25 years and ask him all of your important questions

  • Experience another culture

  • Meet other like-minded investors who are pursuing agricultural investments

  • Have FUN!

Trip Diary:

Each tour may vary slightly. Upon reservation, you’ll receive the latest agenda.

Thursday – Arrive in Panama, have dinner with the Paraguay AG Invest team who will accompany you to Paraguay

Friday – Depart for Paraguay on the 3:40 pm flight to Asuncion, arriving before midnight

Saturday – Mid-day River Boat Tour in Asuncion, enjoy dinner with Carsten Pfau

Sunday – Full day orange and greenhouse plantations tour (depart 9:30am), enjoy dinner again with Carsten

Monday – Departure for Panama & Home

You’re the guest of honor!  All your ground transportation to and from the airport, your stay in a 4-star hotel and all your delicious meals are covered.  (You pay for your airfare)

The tour reaches capacity at 12 guests in order to ensure the best possible experience.


August 15 – 19, 2019


To inquire about further details, simply use the form below. A Paraguay Ag Invest team member will respond to your promptly …


Growing Greenbacks in Greenhouses in Paraguay

Growing Greenbacks in Greenhouses in Paraguay


One thing everyone on earth needs is food! That’s why greenhouse farming can be a secure investment … and Paraguay is a smart place to do it.

Long ago, some ancient human decided that growing food was safer than trying to chase it down. Since then, the agriculture sector has never stopped GROWING.

It’s simple. Demand has grown as the global population soars … expected to come in at 9.7 billion by 2050. In our opinion, NOW is the perfect time to consider agricultural investments … and there’s lots to intrigue us about Paraguay.

Paraguay is one of the most productive agricultural countries in Latin America. Its products feed some of the largest countries in the world … like China and Russia. Its mild climate, year-round sunshine and abundant natural water sources give it every ingredient for growing great produce.

Modern methods have made Paraguay’s fertile farms even more profitable through the use of greenhouses … an artificially controlled environment that ensures reduced disease susceptibility and increased crop yields.

In this special report you’ll explore:

  • The advantages of greenhouse farming … including reduced labor costs
  • Key details on greenhouse investing in Paraguay
  • An overview of greenhouse construction and irrigation
  • And much more!

See all the benefits of high produce yields, reduced plant disease, lower labor costs, and consistent crop production through greenhouse farming in Paraguay.

Start now by filling out the form below. We’ll send you a complimentary copy of Growing Greenbacks in Greenhouses in Paraguay.