Belize Field Trip

July 19-22, 2024

$997 Individual – one person 

Please do not make non-refundable travel arrangements until after we’ve confirmed your enrollment.

Need help?  Call us at 1-888-489-7723 x 2 or use our Feedback page.

This page is for INDIVIDUAL registration only.
If you are coming as couple or partnership of two people, please click here and use our Partnership Registration page,  Thanks!


  • Registration is only $997 per person.
  • Registration includes all educational sessions, materials and tours; most meals and snacks.
  • NOT included are: Airfare to and from Belize, and your hotel accommodations while in Belize.
  • Note: We have arranged special rates at our preferred hotels. Once your registration is processed, we’ll send you details about hotel choices, including our contacts in Belize who can answer questions and help with your reservations.

Got it?  Great! Then let’s go!

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