The Real Estate Guys™ present

The COVID-19 Crisis Investing Webinar Series




The GLOBAL economy is in cardiac arrest …


Communities, businesses, industries, and states are in a near total LOCK DOWN.  Commerce has stopped.  Cash isn’t flowing.  Jobs and businesses are DYING. 


Will things open up before it’s TOO LATE?  Has there already been PERMANENT DAMAGE?


How will the financial system manage and recover?  


The financial system is built on CREDIT.  When cash stops flowing, DEBT GOES BAD.  When debt goes bad, asset prices FALL … credit markets SEIZE … and financial institutions COLLAPSE.  The 2008 financial crisis was a case study in what happens when the financial system starts to fail.


Will 2020 be WORSE?


How prepared are YOU to survive and thrive? 


We lost a LOT in the 2008 financial crisis … but we also LEARNED a lot.  One HUGE lesson is totally UNEXPECTED events can COMPLETELY change the landscape … and your fortunes in a matter of months … even weeks.


So it’s BOTH URGENT and IMPORTANT to be AWARE and PREPARED.  Hiding from unpleasant realities … and “hoping for the best” … is NOT an investment strategy.


Gain Insights and Actionable Intelligence from a Large and Diverse Collection of Thought Leaders, Economists, Insiders, Experts and Successful Investors


After 2008 we went to work building relationships with some of the biggest brains in personal finance, investing, and economics … brilliant, outspoken people who are willing to point out the UGLY TRUTH about what’s REALLY happening to anyone wise enough to LISTEN.


“You must maintain unwavering faith that you can and will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties, and at the same time, have the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

Jim Collins, Good to Great


The COVID-19 pandemic induced economic heart attack could well be the proverbial “black swan” event many financial pundits have been watching for … the event which EXPOSES the frailty of the financial system.  It’s going to catch MANY people unprepared … and they will LOSE BIG.


But there will also be winners.


So to help YOU be among those most aware and best prepared, we’ve called in a LOT of favors … and are going one-on-one with a HUGE brain trust of amazing experts and asking them about the economy and jobs, the financial system (banks and credit markets), interest rates, the dollar and gold, and whether they think inflation, deflation, or stagflation is on the horizon.

We’re finding out what they think the BIGGEST DANGERS investors face RIGHT NOW … what’s the BEST DEFENSE to preserve capital and purchasing power … and where they think the BEST OPPORTUNITIES to grow REAL equity and cash flows in the months and years to come.


The BEST Value in Financial Education TODAY


It’s taking a lot of time and money to put this all together.  The information is worth a FORTUNE.  We could charge a LOT of money for it … and it would be TOTALLY worthy it.


But we’re doing it for FREE.


There are times to focus on revenue and profit.  And we need to eat and make payroll like anyone else.  But right now, the world is facing a potential ECONOMIC FIRESTORM like nothing we’ve seen in our lifetime … and the more people who are aware and prepared … the better the backside of the crisis will be for ALL of us.