Through our relentless and continuing quest (theme music please…) for great real estate investing ideas and relationships, we find some of the most amazing and useful resources.

While you slave away at your day job dreaming of the day when your real estate investments provide far more income than you need to live on, The Real Estate Guys™ scour the world for great resources and post them right here so you can easily and effortlessly access them.  Brilliant!

What kind of things are we talking about? Glad you asked!  Here they are:

Special Reports – We used to call these “white papers”, but that’s so 20th century.  Not quite a book, but too big for a blog, these digital documents contain the ideas and information someone spent many hours (if not days, months or years) to research and distill for your edification.  Bargain!

Resource Network – Did you know there are very smart and ambitious people who think about YOU and YOUR problems ALL the time?  Not only that, but then they invest time and money to design, build and test SOLUTIONS for YOU to benefit from.  Then they compete with each other to see who can do the BEST JOB for YOU.  Isn’t capitalism great?  Make sure you check out these fine businesses.  Each has something to offer that is designed to HELP YOU SUCCEED.  And please use our Feedback page to let us know how they’re doing.

Books (print and audio) –  Brian Tracy says, “Readers are Leaders.”  Since we’re mostly audio guys, we tried to think of something catchy for audio, but the best we have so far is “Listeners are Glisteners” – like “stars” and “brilliance” – get it?  We know, it still needs work.  But you get the point.