July 13-16, 2022
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Join The Real Estate Guys™ as they head to Nevada to cover FreedomFest!

FreedomFest producer Mark Skousen is considered among the top 20 most influential economists in the world today.  We’re proud to say Mark joined us on our 2013 Investor Summit at Sea™ and has become a good friend.  We’ve learned a LOT from Mark … and we’re sure you will too!

At FreedomFest 2022, over 200 expert speakers will bring fresh perspectives and insights to issues of the economy, finance, politics, liberty, rights, business, education, technology, art, and so much more.

FreedomFest bills itself as the world’s largest gathering of free minds … and we agree.

It’s where we’ve met many of the fabulous guests we’ve shared with our listeners over the years … including Steve Forbes, Herman Cain, Gary Johnson, Chris Martenson, Peter Schiff and many, many others.  They’ve been among our most popular interviews.

It’s also where we first heard about a strange new thing called Bitcoin … deepened our understanding of economics … and discovered the important intersection between personal prosperity, property rights, and public policy.

Some of the most popular speakers returning for FreedomFest 2022 include Spike Cohen, Steve Forbes, TK Coleman, Antonella Marty, Maj Toure … plus NEW names like Glenn Greenwald, Del Bigtree and many others.

Yes, FreedomFest can feel a little political … so depending on your leanings it might not appeal to your personal preferences.  But over the years we’ve discovered that everyone we’ve ever met wants more personal freedom, more personal health, and more personal wealth.

For us, FreedomFest brings together a lot of people who disagree about a lot of things … but they share the common goal of promoting more personal health, wealth, and freedom.

We like it.  And we think you will too!

Use promo code GUYS50 to save $50!