For each market we’re tracking, we’ve set up a dedicated page to organize shows, reports, news items and other resources we think you’ll find useful.  Here’s the list so far (and we have a few others we’re working on).  Just click on those that interest you.

As you’ll learn when you attend one of our fabulous field trips, we think picking the right market and local team is very important.

After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.  Conversely, when the water level drops, it’s hard for even the best ships to maintain their highest point.  Or (to switch metaphors) when the tide goes out, you can see who’s been swimming naked.

You get the idea.  A buoyant market can often compensate for a less than stellar deal.  Of course, a great deal in a hot market is doubly good.

We also think the key to getting a great deal is having a great local team.  Because even if you happen to live in a great market, do you really have the time, energy, expertise and critical mass to source, repair, rent and maintain all your properties all by yourself?  Ugh.  And if you’re on out-of-town investor, then you REALLY need the right people on the ground in your markets of choice.

Sound daunting?  It can be…at least a little bit.

But there’s no need to fear.  The Real Estate Guys™ are here! (We’ve always wanted to say that – and wait until you see us in our spandex costumes and capes.)

As big shot radio talk show hosts, we travel all around exploring strange new markets, seeking out new relationships, and boldly going where you’d like to go if you had the time.  And when we’re not jet-setting, we scour cyber-space for interesting information about markets we’re monitoring so we can share our findings with you.

Now it’s a big world, and we’re just two guys with microphones, so if there’s a market you’re interested in – or one you think we should know about – use the form below to let us know.