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Join Brad Sumrok, Robert Helms, Russell Gray and Top Real Estate Experts at the Apartment Investor Mastery National Conference!

AIMNATCON is the place to be for both seasoned and new real estate investors who want to accelerate their financial success by Investing in Apartments. You will learn why Apartments have been and continue to be the “hottest” sector for real estate investing and why more and more people are moving their money out of Wall Street and into real estate, specifically Apartments.

You will gain access to Industry Experts and Service Providers from all over the USA and also meet and network with hundreds of other Apartment Investors and other like-minded individuals.

Whether you are new to investing or already an experienced Apartment Owner, this Conference is for you!

Check out this short video message from AIMNATCON Key Note Speaker Robert Kiyosaki:

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Brad’s Apartment Investor Mastery Training has EXPLODED … and for good reason.  Brad’s the real deal. He walks the talk … and his training delivers results.

At his first ever national conference, Brad’s put together a powerful line-up of outstanding speakers hot topics and attracting investors from all over the country.

Great things can happen when you attend AIM NAT CON …

  • Discover how the new tax laws make apartment investing EVEN BETTER … and how Brad personally saved over $800,000 in taxes with just ONE tax tip from Tom Wheelwright

  • Find out how small-time investors can GO BIGGER FASTER when they discover the secrets of successful syndication

  • Network with hundreds of other investors … just ONE relationship can change your life

To be sure YOU get Priority Access registration …