Apartment Investor Weekend Training

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November 19-21, 2021
Dallas, TX

Break into investing in multi-family apartments! Brad Sumrok shows you how at the Apartment Investor Weekend Training.  This “Rat Race 2 Retirement” is one you don’t want to miss.

Join Brad in his signature event and learn the way he retired early from his corporate job … through investing in apartments. He breaks down the entire process step-by-step.

In three-content filled days, Brad shares specific how-to’s from his profitable experience as an investor. You’ll also meet like-minded investors from around the country … and learn how YOU, too, can become an apartment investor and leave the rat race behind.

  • Build Your Team by Meeting some of Brad’s Personal Service Providers

  • How and Where to Raise Money

  • Network with over 500 Multifamily Investors

  • Multifamily Financial and Market Analysis

  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Registration Now Open!


November 19-21, 2021
Dallas, TX

Does this stuff really work?

Brad’s students are absolutely CRUSHING it with a RECORD BREAKING number of multifamily deals.

Check out the scoreboard for 2020!

Brad doesn’t hold back the good stuff … so come ready to take notes!

Most of Brad’s students started with NO EXPERIENCE when they attended this Apartment Investing Training Seminar!

Take a peek at what goes on during the Rat Race 2 Retirement Weekend Training. Watch the video below …

You’ll Learn …

  • Brad’s “3-Step Wealth Formula”

  • Brad’s “3 Rules to Retire Early and Permanently”

  • Brad’s proven “12-Step Apartment Acquisition Process” that will save you time and money

  • Multifamily financial & market analysis

  • Due diligence

  • Rehabbing

  • Property & Asset Management

  • Multifamily financing

  • Group Purchasing

  • Contract-to-Closing

  • Raising money within SEC Compliance

  • Multifamily business planning

  • Costly mistakes and how you can avoid them

  • Using your SD IRA to invest

  • Getting started now

Discover how to change your life by owning apartments … End the rat race and get on to early retirement!

Registration Now Open!


November 19-21, 2021
Dallas, TX

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