How to Turn a Single Family Home into Cash Flowing Assisted Living Facility Webinar Series


Learn how to turn a single family house into $5,000 – $15,000/month in CASH FLOW!


Senior housing is one of the most exciting…and profitable…real estate niches in today’s economy.

Baby boomers are creating a wave of opportunity in assisted living the size of a tsunami and you can ride the latest economic wave!

Certified Financial Planner and real estate entrepreneur Gene Guarino shows you exactly how to get started.

In this 7-part webinar series, Gene shares how you can take a single family home and turn it into a cash flowing assisted living facility … and create LOTS of monthly CASH FLOW.

  • Video #1 – Discover the 3 ways to get involved with residential assisted living and the 5 keys to RAL success!
  • Video #2 – Learn the definitions of RAL, see the real estate opportunity, and discover why you’re in the right place at the right time.
  • Video #3 – Learn the secrets to getting 2X the rent by filling your home with long-term, low-impact tenants.
  • Video #4 – Get into the nitty gritty of RAL income/expenses and breaking down the numbers to discover how much you can really make.
  • Video #5 – Gain insight into mastering the most critical element of RAL success: identifying the right location.
  • Video #6 -How to conduct renovations, building your team, filling your home with residents, and getting paid.
  • Video #7 – Learn exactly what systems you’ll need for long-term success, how to get your AL for FREE, and next steps to get started.

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