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Peak Prosperity’s Annual Seminar 2022 - Thriving in the Great Reset!

Featuring Chris Martenson PhD, Bret Weinstein PhD, Dr. Pierre Kory, Ben Swann, and an all-star cast of today’s brightest minds in medicine, economics, media, and more!

The 2022 LIVE event is now over, and it was AWESOME! If you missed it, don’t worry … You can still get access to the digital recordings.

Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll get

  • Hear about current events shaping our world, including the many agendas at play from the media, the WEF, and our global “health leaders”

  • Learn how to become more resilient to live the life you want

  • A deep dive into the changing macro-economic environment and what you can do to protect your wealth

  • Replay the presentations at your convenience

2023 Dates Coming Soon!

To be among the first to know when registration opens …

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