Peak Prosperity Digital Seminar

October 24-25, 2020


The world was on shaky footing before coronavirus pandemic erupted and truly upended things.

But now that COVID is here and accelerating/exacerbating the failure of many of today’s unsustainable trends in our economy, energy systems and environment, how can we protect our loved ones and our wealth? And is there a way to prosper through the coming disruption?

To answer those critical questions, Peak Prosperity is bringing together more expert minds than it ever has before in this year’s seminar — which is being held digitally over Zoom due to COVID.

They’ve created a 2-day event offering dozens of presentations and live Q&A sessions with some of the smartest thinkers on how to protect your money, your home, your health and your community in the post-covid era.



This key seminar has been honed by a decade of experience and will offer….



    • Highly directive presentations and interactive discussions with expert specialists across a wide range of essential resilience topics. Get personalized answers and guidance.


    • New workshops, templates and exercises for identifying the best actions to take this year to reduce your vulnerability and position yourself for prosperity.


    • We’ve gathered so many experts that we don’t have time to fit them all into the live event. You’ll receive hours of additional presentations, plus money-saving benefits on many of the solutions recommended.

Learn The New Rules For Safeguarding Your Wealth


What to Expect …


DAY ONE: The Danger Ahead – Learn what we see coming next as a result. Hear from experts in macroeconomics, investing, real estate, tax & estate planning about how best to safeguard your money.


DAY TWO: The Resilience Accelerator – Workshops and expert presentations across all 8 Forms Of Capital, instructing on the best practices for you to apply in creating your own resilient life.


POST-EVENT: Extra Bonus Benefits – You’ll receive hours of additional how-to videos, plus discounts on recommended solutions.


Peak Prosperity is happy to announce that the seminar will also include appearances from many experts who have been featured on the Peak Prosperity website over the years … and the line-up keeps getting stronger as the weeks go by!

Peak Prosperity Digital Seminar


October 24-25, 2020