Residential Assisted
Living Academy Training

In just three days, you’ll discover the enormous opportunity to generate HUGE cash flows from single-family homes by converting them into residential assisted living senior care homes.

Every economic sector that the baby boomers have passed through since the 1940’s… has EXPLODED!

Today, many boomers are caring for their aging parents. That’s a big business already. But in just a few years, boomers will need care themselves. That’s the BIG wave coming!

This is an enormous growth industry with a GREAT real estate angle.

We decided to attend this training and it was awesome … a lot like one of our field trips! Classroom time, networking, introduction to resources and a day in the bus out in the field looking at real life properties with no sales agenda.

Even better, many of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show listeners have attended this event and put their education into effective action … creating massive CASH FLOW!

2023 Upcoming Live & In-Person “FAST TRACK” Events – Phoenix, AZ
April 13-16
June 1-4
July 13-16
August 24-27
October 19-22
November 30-December 3

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