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Create Your Future™ Goal Setting Retreat

January 17-19, 2025

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Live and invest by DESIGN … not default.

Context is the thing that helps you make sense of everything else.

Clarity of mission, vision, values and goals provides context … not just in business and investing, but in life.

Don’t waste another minute of your life wandering around hoping to bump into a clear direction, good idea, or lucky break.

DESIGN your life based on YOUR personal powerful passions, strongest skills, highest aspirations.
Start the New Year with clear context … so you KNOW what to do and what not to do.
Otherwise …

It’s been said most people spend more time planning
a vacation than designing a fulfilling life…

But when asked about priorities, few would place anything higher than quality of life.

So if success isn’t an accident but rather a purposeful pursuit of specific outcomes, why do so few people have motivating clarity about their daily activities? Some day I’ll get there.
Really? WHAT day? HOW? More importantly, WHY?  And will it REALLY matter to you when you get there?
There’s nothing sadder than seeing someone get to the top of the mountain only to lose their balance and fall off because they didn’t know why they were there in the first place. You only get ONE LIFE.  Don’t live it by default.

Design a compelling life that will energize and fulfill YOU.

This life-changing 2-1/2 day event isn’t about investing or real estate, even through we’re The Real Estate Guys™.  While some people enjoy real estate investing for the activity itself, most people use real estate merely as a financial tool to fund their other dreams.

To stick with the work of real estate investing (or anything else you do as a means to an end), it’s important to know exactly what you want and why – or you’ll quit, get distracted or settle for a supporting role in building someone else’s dream.

You don’t want to look back on this life desperate for a replay…because there aren’t any.  It’s a one shot deal.

 The Create Your Future Goals Retreat is MUCH more than simply a seminar to teach you HOW to effectively set and achieve compelling goals. It’s a HANDS ON WORKSHOP where you will be placed in a carefully created and very focused environment where you will rekindle your most compelling ambitions.

You will be taught powerful and proven goal setting techniques which are IMMEDIATELY put to use through extensive journaling and list making.
You’ll start the New Year with written, clearly defined goals, timelines and action plans. 
Sure, it’s unbelievably motivational.  But it’s also highly practical.  And if you play full out, your life will never be the same.  No wonder attendees have made this our HIGHEST RATED EVENT…by far!

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January 17-19, 2025

To be sure you get Priority Access Registration …

Here is what our event attendees are saying...

“I attended both the 2020 and the 2021 Create Your Future Seminar. The 2020 was my first time to attend. I marveled at how well the event was conducted and how the production was flawless. The material was impressive and very impactful. I brought two of my children with me and they benefitted greatly. The 2021 event was just as good. What really impressed me was that the Audio / Visual person could not attend, but you had the show go on. You worked extra hard and extra hours to make this happen. It was not as smooth as the 2020 event, but just as impactful. My family and I are grateful that you preserved and made it happen. This is a true testimony to your character and commitment to the attendees. Hope to see you in Dallas in May at the “How to Win Friends and Influence People” event. Again, thank you for all you and Russell do!!!!” – Craig T., 4/20/21

“I don’t endorse many products.  But my wife Michele and I attended the Creating Your Future Goals Retreat ourselves.  I can speak from direct, personal experience about the value of this program.  I promise you’ll not only love it, but you won’t regret it.”
Tom Hopkins, legendary sales and success trainer, best-selling author – Scottsdale, Arizona

“I sincerely want to thank you both for the extraordinary impact of the Goals Event…  it was quite outstanding right up to the moment that we departed.  The tribe that you have created is totally amazing to us.”
– Jerry H., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“Every year this event starts my year off in the best way possible.  My goals expand every year and have allowed me to create the life I want for me and my family.”
– Dr. Greg O., Indianapolis, Indiana

Life changing. It’s amazing.”
– Serena K., Summerville, South Carolina 

“Thank you so much – this weekend has been a profound and earth-shattering experience. I cannot believe how excited and inspired and optimistic I am for this year.”
– April., M, Wisconsin, USA

Amazing and impactful.  I woke up at 4:30 am with my ‘definite purpose alarm’ going off.  I’d been struggling with this for years and it hit me like a ton of bricks.”
– Randy H., Kennwick, Washington

“2019 was even more impactful for me – probably because of the growth in myself which I credit TREG for! Thank you!”
– Jane T., Castro Valley, California

“After many years of attendance, I continue to amaze at the benefit I receive from this event. My life continues to be enhanced by this process and I hope my growth and achievement in someway helps all those I love and encounter in my life.”
– Greg O., Indianapolis, Indiana

“…different than I expected.  I am blown away.  I truly have a new outlook and a renewed excitement about my future.  You may have changed my life.”
– Brandon D., Louisville, Kentucky

“I cannot put a price on what was learned.
– Mike W., Collinsville, Illinois

“What I appreciate the most is how you create an environment and setting that helps you get in the head and heart space to know what you really want and why the process you facilitate for that discovery is great! Thank you!!!”
– Debra F., Oak Hill, West Virginia

“I learned a deeper understanding of how to take a goal and implement it into an action plan.
– Dr. Ryan N., Fayetteville, West Virginia

“I loved it and got lots of great nuggets that I can’t wait to use…taking time away from the kids takes effort but it was totally worth it and I’m sure this will be huge for them and our family.”
– Susan Z., Gap, Pennsylvania

“I had big ideas and plans coming in, but now they are much clearer, precise and I have an action plan…”
– Dr. Claudine J., Houston, Texas

“Thank you for having this event yearly.  It has changed my life.”
– Jennifer B., Grand Rapids, Michigan

For the first time in 27 years I have a list of goals, mental clarity and focus. Awesome.” – Stephen P., Downey, California

“Another great year of renewed focus and tuning.  It feels like every year is a monumental slew of achievement and this event is the primary catalyst.  Thank you for…such a life-changing event.
– Dave O., Foothill Ranch, California

“”I highly recommend this event! If someone feels like they don’t have what it takes, this is transformational! This event puts you in the right mindset and gives you the tools for achievement! Worth the time and money for sure!”
– Emily N., Cle Elum, Washington

“This is THE highlight to the start of our year.
– Justin B., Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Since my first time attending this event my life has changed entirely. I moved across the country, I got my dream job, I went back to school, found the girl of my dreams, lost 72 pounds, and dozens of other game changers. Creating Your Future didn’t just help my future – it transformed it. Thank you!” – Dave O., Kirkland, Washington

“The process of discovering self-awareness and desire is exhausting, but necessary. Ultimately goals emerge. Thanks for updating my outlook and give me the tools to achieve more.” – Eric M., Bend, Oregon

“As always, well worth my time to be here. The Real Estate Guys consistently overdeliver. Thank you for a beautiful weekend.” – Karla H., Lindale, Texas

“Very fun!” – Rachel P., age 12, Lansing, New York

“Much better than I expected.  Powerful, positive and helpful. I  don’t go to self-improvement events…boy am I glad I attended!  It was one of the best weekend’s of my life. Thank you very much! I’ll be back next year!” – Matt K., Los Altos, California

“This is the best event ever…the best goals retreat I have ever attended!” – Rob S., Mission Viejo, California

“…made a profound difference in my life.  I am even more excited about the future...I’ll always be grateful…” – Luke C., Huntington Beach, California

“Thank you for an amazing weekend. I learned to look inside myself and discover the goodness that is in me.” – Araceli R.. Fort Bragg, California

“This was such a motivational retreat. I feel so much more confidence in myself and achieving all my goals in 2019.” – Jin W., Gaithersburg, Maryland

“This is what I needed…this retreat was awesome. The Goals Retreat is invaluable!” – Reuben S., Downey, California

“This was one of the best retreats I’ve ever attended.  The material is so useful.  Robert is an excellent speaker, making this retreat so important to my life goals.” – Wendy W., Mountain View, California

“Words cannot express how grateful I am. I almost missed it and that would have been a grave mistake. There are so many things that became crystal clear for me. Thank you.” – Mauricio R., Newport Beach, California

“Before coming here I was filled with fearI feel more charged, equipped and confident going forward. Thanks so much!” – Ron K., Mountain View, California

“Best ever! Found a path out of depression and got my edge back!” – Robin C., Woodside, California

“I feel that this seminar has given me a much bigger sense of contribution and significance that I want to share with the world.” – Sep B., Aliso Viejo, CA

“Created a superb environment in which to plan my next year and beyond.”- Dr. Greg O., – Indianapolis, Indiana

“This event changed my life this past year – I was surprised on how many goals were met, but most importantly, who I have become through this journey.” – Maria E., Long Beach, California

“Another year and another thank you!!  I continue to improve myself and now you have touched what is most important to me, my daughter. Thank you for helping me show her what is possible.” – Brian G., Fremont, California

“Probably the best event for personal development I have been in.  Very usable…I’m motivated to follow up on all of my goals for the first time in my life.  Thanks!” – Markus M., Ypsilanti, Michigan

“…very relevant…my fourth goals retreat. I really appreciate the event!!”Paul S., San Jose, California

“Robert, you continually help me ‘turn the lights on’.  Thank you!  Most important and productive 3 days of the year!” – Dave B., Adelanto, California

“I realized the things that are holding me back.  I am now going forward to work through this and push forward!  This was a life-changing, eye opening event! Everyone needs to do this! ” – Leslye S., Mission Viejo, California

“I couldn’t believe how far I had allowed my attitude to degrade. Wow – wake up call!!!  My feet are on firm ground today.  Great job!” – Carlos M.

I learned a lot about how to make my future better and successful. Robert really captivated the audience.  Everything I learned here I will take with me through life and college. Thank you! – Elana S., age 17, Mission Viejo, California

“It’s one thing to read about philosophy and listen to motivational speakers on a CD.  However, actually [being here] is life changing…” – Antonio G., Omaha, Nebraska

“I know that I paid for this, but I feel like you have given me a gift. Thank you for sharing. It has made a difference for me.” – Mia C., San Francisco, California

“Thank you very much for putting on an impactful event!” – Samuel M.,

“Self-introspection exercises were great! Robert did an incredible job!” – Gary J., West Hollywood, California

I debated on whether or not to come and I’m so glad I did. I’ve read a lot of books but never felt motivated to write down my goals.  I came here to force myself to do it.  Although the hours were long, time flew because Robert was entertaining as well as inspiring. Thank you!” – Sarah L.

“I genuinely feel that the fire sparked in me this weekend will play an integral role in propelling me to the life I had given up hope on achieving. This retreat not only instills invincible dedication to one’s aspirations but also provides the tools to remain on track. This is an epicly life changing event.” – Dave O., Camby, Indiana

“This is my third time and it continued to be life-shaping and life-changing. I am much clearer about my purpose in life. ” – Steve G., Pasadena, California

Excellent start to the New Year.  I’ve always been told how important it is to visualize my life the way I want to live it, and to write down my goals.  I have done that due to this workshop. Thank you!” – Shailesh T., Canton, Michigan

“This is my 2nd time and it has truly been life-changing. I’ll be back!” – Carlos D., Anaheim, California

“There are no words to fully express what this life changing weekend has done for me.  I came with apprehension and concern looking for answers…now I know and feel confident about what I stand for…” – Dianne C., Modesto, California

“This is the best personal enrichment workshop I have attended (twice now). The setting, environment people and presentation were all great. Thanks!” – Josh H., Livermore, California

Worthwhile and impactful – especially after a difficult year. Best retreat ever!” – David K., Las Vegas, Nevada

“I love this event!  Thank you Robert.  Looking forward to next year!” – Holly L., Capitola, California

January 17-19, 2025

To be sure you get Priority Access Registration …

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