The 44th Annual

New Orleans Investment Conference


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The New Orleans Investment Conference is our FAVORITE investment conference of the year
(besides our very own Investor Summit at Sea™)!



November 1-4, 2018

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Here’s WHY the New Orleans Investment Conference is a MUST ATTEND event for serious investors…real estate and otherwise…


All the investments you have now, or hope to have in the future, float in an economic ocean which is constantly changing …

President Trump’s tax plan is on the table.  Will it help you or hurt you?  What about the businesses you rent to or that employ your tenants?  Which cities and states will WIN … and which will LOSE?

China continues to push for a more powerful role in global finance.  The yuan is now in the IMF’s SDR basket.  They’ve got the Asian Infrastructure Bank.  They continue to accumulate gold and sell U.S. Treasuries. How will this affect the dollar, interest rates, and YOUR investments?

Gold started off 2017 strong.  What does that say about the economy … the dollar … and inflation?  Will it continue?  Is gold a barbarous relic or a time-tested store of value and a haven against a fragile financial system?  Do YOU really know gold?  Should you?

Prices, wages, and asset values are all climbing … but GDP growth is slow.  Are we entering a period of stagflation … where prices rise, but the economy doesn’t grow?  The LAST time that happened, the dollar was failing and gold (and interest rates) SOARED!

The Fed continues to talk about raising interest rates.  Is the Fed in control?  Or are they leading from behind?


It’s enough to make your head spin.  But don’t stress.

Remember, many brave, bold and informed investors made fortunes through stagflation, high interest rates, crashing currency and financing markets … so it’s not the circumstances which dictate your fortune.

What matters is YOUR ability to navigate the changing seas.


Modern Real Estate Investors NEED to See the Big Picture

This is NOT your parents’ real estate market. 

Before 2008, real estate prices had never crashed.  The U.S. was the lone financial superpower.  No one had heard of quantitative easing, derivatives, bailouts and bail-ins.


It’s a NEW world…

As an investor…real estate or otherwise…it’s critical to stay informed of the forces and trends looming on the horizon which can and will affect your wealth.

And if you’re a real estate investor trying to raise money from private investors, it’s really important to see the big picture and understand how other investments work.

So come hang out with The Real Estate Guys™ at the New Orleans Investment Conference…and immerse yourself in learning from some of the biggest brains in the business!



November 1-4, 2018

 CLICK HERE NOW and get on the Advance Notice List and an invite to our VIP party



“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin said an investment in knowledge pays the best dividend