The Secrets of Successful Syndication Seminar



March 26-27, 2021


Dallas, Texas, USA

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It’s a PERFECT STORM for real estate and real estate entrepreneurs…


Central banks worldwide are fabricating TRILLIONS of dollars to stimulate the economy and save financial markets.  As this tsunami of money hits the system, it all needs to be invested.

But with many businesses big and small struggling, how long can a few big-name stocks carry every major index? The higher they soar, the farther they might fall.  Paper asset investors are concerned … as they should be!

And with interest rates back to zero … with the Federal Reserve committed to letting inflation overshoot their 2 percent target … paper asset investors are on a desperate hunt for yields above inflation … and for a stable foundation of permanent demand in ANY economy.

Meanwhile, the right real estate is permanent, essential, and has a LONG history of preserving wealth, generating income, providing big tax breaks, and attracting the best financing.

So real estate checks a LOT of valuable boxes … especially in today’s troubled economy.


Powerful Forces on YOUR Side


Politicians and central bankers are funneling big money to businesses, employees, and Main Street households … so everyone can pay their mortgages and rent.

That’s because homeless voters boot incumbents and politicians know it.  And even big banks can go bust when mortgages go bad.

So there’s a LOT of pressure on the most powerful people on the planet to print to protect and prop up real estate.


It doesn’t get ANY BETTER than this!


When YOU build a business helping Main Street investors build and shelter their wealth with Main Street real estate …


YOU build YOUR wealth helping other people grow and protect their wealth


There are MANY people with money, but no time or interest in the dirty work of Main Street real estate … but they’d LOVE to enjoy its benefits.

Affluent, successful investors want Wall Street convenience with the superior yields, capital gains, tax breaks and stability of Main Street real estate.

YOUR business opportunity is to help affluent people put their money into the most proven and time-tested asset for wealth preservation, growth and income.


Discover how YOU can start, fund and operate your OWN real estate investing business!


Build BIG and RESILIENT wealth when you put Main Street private capital together with Main Street property portfolios.



UPDATED to address the current CRISIS and OPPORTUNITIES


Presented by experienced pros … 


Your Hosts


Robert Helms

The founder and host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show, Robert has a long and storied background in real estate as an investor, developer, educator and syndicator. His entertaining and engaging presentation style, practical knowledge and diverse perspectives make him a crowd favorite. In addition to serving as event emcee, Robert will share why real estate and syndication make sense now, where to find both money and deals, and case studies of real-world syndications.

Russell Gray

Russ is the long-time co-host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show. A business and financial strategist with over three decades of experience in marketing, investing and financial services, Russ has a knack for seeing the big picture and knowing how to put the pieces together into an actionable plan. He will explain the fundamentals of syndication, the four essential skills every syndicator must have, and how you can start to build your syndication business immediately … no matter where you are today.


Introducing your fabulous faculty experts and real-world practitioners


Mauricio Rauld, Esq.

Mauricio is a highly experienced securities attorney who focuses exclusively on helping real estate investors and entrepreneurs navigate the complex world of securities laws. Practicing safe syndication means operating within full compliance with federal and state securities laws. Mauricio will share critical legal concepts, so you’ll learn how to raise and handle other people’s money, avoid the high costs of securities registration, and promote your business without violating laws.

Dave Zook

Dave began his syndication career at this very training six years ago … and has gone on to raise nearly $200 million (and growing!). He’s built a diversified company active in a variety of niches including apartment buildings, resort properties, self-storage facilities, and ATM machines. He knows exactly what it takes to go from beginner to seasoned pro in just a few short years. Best of all, he’s HAPPY to share his secrets for success in his unique, down-to-earth style.

Victor Menasce

Victor is a very active Canadian real estate investor and syndicator with a variety of projects in both Canada and the United States. He’s the author of two books, including Magnetic Capital – How to Raise All the Money You Need for ANY Worthy Venture. Victor has been mentored by and works with George Ross, who was Donald Trump’s long-time business attorney and an original judge on The Apprentice television show. Victor is also President of the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization. He brings a broad background in business, technology, start-ups, fundraising, strategic networking, real estate investing, and real estate development.

Brad Sumrok

Brad is an extraordinarily successful apartment investor, syndicator, and mentor to many hundreds of apartment investors. Frustrated with corporate life, Brad got into spare-time real estate investing. But rather than rely solely on his own resources and starting small, Brad discovered how to use syndication to go big fast. In just three years of part-time investing, Brad was able to quit the corporate grind. He successfully invested before and throughout the 2008 financial crisis. In 2012, Brad was named the National Apartment Association’s Independent Owner of the Year. Today, he continues to actively invest and syndicate, while sharing his knowledge with eager students.

Ryan Gibson NEW!!!

Ryan is an airline pilot who discovered the Secrets of Successful Syndication and in just a few short years has built a syndication business ranked in the Inc. 500 as the 8th fastest growing real estate business and #308 overall. Ryan has diligently and successfully built a trusted brand, a large network of investors, and effective teams to raise capital, acquire opportunities, manage projects and properties, while keeping track of everything, reporting to investors and complying with regulations. We’re proud to welcome Ryan to the faculty and he’s eager to share his secrets for success with you.

Beth Clifford

Beth is a seasoned real estate investor, entrepreneur, and international real estate developer. She’s expert at building effective teams, managing big and complex projects, and navigating challenging circumstances. With over $1 billion of development in her career, her projects have been featured in major media including DIY TV and Coastal Living Magazine. She earned an economics degree Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern University.

Damion Lupo

Damion is an expert in little known strategies for using Qualified Retirement Plans to help individual investors take control of their financial future. There are literally tens of TRILLIONS of dollars locked away in Wall Street controlled retirement programs. Damion will explain how syndicators can tap into this huge pool of capital while helping investors avoid common, but devastating tax traps.

Tom Wheelwright, CPA

Tom is a high-energy and brilliant tax and wealth strategist, a best-selling author, an entrepreneur … and is Robert Kiyosaki’s personal CPA. Tom’s is expert in the recently updated U.S. tax law and how to use the tax benefits of real estate as a benefit to attract affluent investors.



PLUS…you’ll hear from several real world syndicators…including several who kicked off their syndication careers at this very event!


The Secrets of Successful Syndication Seminar



March 26-27, 2021


Dallas, Texas, USA

Registration Opening soon!

To be sure you get Priority Access Registration …



(If you’re a Syndication Mentoring Club member, please click here to register)




Practical, Proven Training UPDATED to Address the

Massive Changes in the World Today


Change can be unsettling … even scary.

But it also creates all kinds of new opportunities for those aware, prepared, properly supported, well-connected, brave and bold.




  • Why NOW is a Great Time to Become a Syndicator

  • What Syndication Is and Isn’t … and What It Takes to Be Successful

  • How to Go from Zero to $100 Million in Five Years

  • What to Look for When Syndicating the Most Popular and Resilient Real Estate Niche

  • How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls and Properly Organize Your Syndication Business without Spending a Fortune

  • Where and How to Find Funding for Your Deals

  • How to Use Tax Breaks as Incentives to Attract Wealthy Investors

  • Protecting Yourself, Your Assets and Your Investors from Lawsuits and Liabilities

  • How to Build a Personal and Business Brand People Will Trust

  • And MORE!

Just ONE Great Idea or Connection can Make or Save

You a Fortune!


The Secrets of Successful Syndication Seminar



March 26-27, 2021


Dallas, Texas, USA

Registration Opening soon!

To be sure you get Priority Access Registration …



(If you’re a Syndication Mentoring Club member, please click here to register)


Real Training from Real-World Experts. No B.S. No Hype.


If you’re SERIOUS about getting into this business, we think it’s important to go in with your eyes wide open.


So these are NOT a bunch of rah-rah bonus videos to get you all excited. YOUR goals, ambitions, dream and mission are what should excite you. We create content and communities where SELF-MOTIVATED people can find the ideas, information, resources and support needed to succeed.


It’s the real deal … pulled right out of the real-world content and community that’s helped empower real-world success stories including Dave Zook, Buck Joffrey, Andrew Lanoie, Loe Hornbuckle, Ryan Gibson, and many more.


They all discovered the Secrets of Successful Syndication in this program.


Of course, your success isn’t guaranteed. It’s 100% up to you. People who need guarantees should probably think twice about becoming entrepreneurs because there’s nothing guaranteed but the opportunity to see how much you can achieve.


It’s fine to be apprehensive about the unknown or nervous about making mistakes while managing other people’s money. You SHOULD be nervous about that. And that’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT to get the right training, build an expert team, and be part of a community of experienced peers to mastermind with.


But if you’re HUNGRY … DETERMINED … and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF … then EVERYTHING you need to succeed (and more!) is right here, right now.


Others are doing it. So can you … if you CHOOSE to.


It’s Decision Time …

Life is full of challenges and opportunities.

COVID-19 has created a LOT of BOTH.


To survive and thrive, it’s important to recognize both … and then take bold action when the time is right.


RIGHT NOW, you have the opportunity to …



The Secrets of Successful Syndication Seminar



March 26-27, 2021


Dallas, Texas, USA

Registration Opening soon!

To be sure you get Priority Access Registration …



(If you’re a Syndication Mentoring Club member, please click here to register)