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Back in the old days, we used to brag about our “Power Rolodex”.  Sure, anybody could have a Yellow Pages directory, but a name and a number without any relationship wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

Today, we may be in the digital age where Google, Yahoo and Bing are kings of search.  But when you need help with your real estate investing, it’s still good to get a referral.

Businesses like to get referrals and tend to treat them better than random calls.  Why?  Because if the business does a bad job, it impacts their reputation with both the referral and the referrer.  That’s double bad, which is why being referred to a business by someone important can be a real advantage.

So, unlike a mega-search engines who will serve up a million anybodies to your search inquiries, members of the The Real Estate Guys™ Resource Network are businesses we know and trust.  And they like being listed here, so they work hard to do a good job.  While we can’t guarantee their performance or your satisfaction, we feel good about them and encourage you to give them a try.

Be sure to tell them that The Real Estate Guys™ sent you!

Here’s what your fellow investors have to say …

“We have invested several times with Bob and look forward to more.” – Steven T., 10/13/19

“Your efforts to share information with people and to connect people are second to none. Thanks for all you do every day!” – Kyle S., 6/4/19

“I’ve been very pleased with your whole team. You guys so far have been more professional than anyone I’ve ever worked with, by miles. Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to our next deal!” – Jeremy B.,  06/19/2018

“Thanks for the platform you provide to make these connections possible!” – Brad K., 2/8/18

“I’ve been with you since 2013 and I am very grateful for your awesome work. I admire your integrity, honesty and can-do work ethic.” – John M. 09/14/17

And please use our Feedback page to let us know about your experiences.  Thanks!

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